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NPTE Quarterly Faculty Newsletter Volume 12; No. 3

Third Quarter 2015

The mission of the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy is to protect the public by providing service and leadership that promote safe and competent physical therapy practice.

The NPTE Quarterly Faculty Newsletter is published by the Federation (FSBPT) as one mechanism to communicate with educators in PT and PTA programs. This effort to provide ongoing communication includes current information and updates on the NPTE as well as information on other regulatory issues that might impact or be of interest to program educators.

Please share this newsletter with other PT or PTA educators.

Subscription to the newsletter is free. For subscription information or comments, please contact

Table of Contents

School Reports: You spoke, we listened

Over the summer, FSBPT emailed a survey to PT and PTA Program Directors seeking feedback on the new school reports, introduced in March, and in preparation for the NPTE textbook survey. The good news is that 100% of Program Directors who purchased the new school reports would recommend them to other programs, which is a testament to the fantastic initial input of the School Reports Task Force volunteers. There were several suggestions FSBPT plans to implement in Phase 2 of the school reports redesign, including making the text easier to read, giving a better explanation of why licensing information is not available in many jurisdictions, and improving communication about how to request and verify changes in the student management interface. We’re working on these changes and some new features right now.

Urgent: Task force volunteers needed

In early 2016, FSBPT will be creating three task forces to help us address some of our most critical public protection issues. We’re seeking educators and practitioners with expertise in a variety of topic areas and a variety of practice settings to help us think through these issues.

TOEFL Standard Setting: Tentatively scheduled for March 11-12, 2016, the committee will review the Test of English for Foreign Language speakers to determine if changes are recommended for FSBPT’s eligibility criteria. The committee will review documents relevant to PT practice, TOEFL items, and be asked to use their own judgment and experiences to help determine whether the current standard is still valid. Professionals who are trained in a language other than English, or who work with professionals who were, are especially encouraged to apply.

PT & PTA Practice Analysis Task Forces: FSBPT needs qualified professionals to serve on a variety of groups to help guide the 2016 NPTE PT and PTA Practice Analysis. This effort forms the backbone of the NPTE Content Standards. Meetings will occur throughout 2016 and possibly into 2017.

You may nominate yourself or another qualified professional for these task forces. Self nominations are both allowed and encouraged! Please email your résumé or curriculum vitae to

Be on the Lookout –Program directors’ textbook survey

FSBPT is conducting their survey of programs to determine which textbooks are in use among PT and PTA programs. This survey is one of our most requested items by educators. If you haven’t already responded to the survey, please do. We’ve taken great strides to make the response format much easier for you. If you haven’t received the survey, please contact us at

PEAT Update

Many educators have contacted FSBPT with concerns about their students and whether they were participants in the PEAT sharing investigation. The most comprehensive and up-to-date information can be found at: In light of this issue, “This Quarter’s Question” is devoted to information relevant to PEAT.

Sign up for the November 13-15 NPTE Workshop for Educators

Why do educators attend? Because they learn:

  • How to write better multiple-choice questions for their exams that follow the same format as the NPTE
  • How to statistically analyze test questions to determine if they are good questions
  • How the NPTE is developed from content outline through scoring
  • How to prepare students for the test administration experience
  • How to interpret and effectively use school pass rate reports

And it’s a great opportunity to ask questions of FSBPT staff!

To sign up or obtain more information, click on Educators and look for Educators Workshops.

This Quarter’s Question: How do I prevent students from illegally using copyrighted materials to prepare for the NPTE?

The first thing to do is to teach students to follow and respect copyright law. Infringing on copyrights drives up prices and lowers service quality for people who legitimately purchase materials. Most of these materials are very modestly priced for the value of the service they provide.

The second thing to teach them is to inquire about the source of any materials they are offered or discover on the internet. Much of what is offered for free is not the best product available, and when preparing for the NPTE, it’s unwise to cut corners. Lastly, if a student does obtain or find copyrighted materials, they should report it to the copyright holder. If it’s related to the NPTE or PEAT, it should be reported to

What Students Need to Know: How do I withdraw if I decide I do not want to or cannot take the examination?

If a candidate wishes to withdraw their NPTE registration, they must notify FSBPT by completing the online Withdrawal Request.

The Withdrawal Request must be completed no later than the test date shown on the candidate’s “Authorization to Test” letter. During the withdrawal process the candidate will have two options:

  1. Withdraw from their current exam and receive a refund. The candidate will receive a refund of their examination fee, less a processing fee, back to the credit card used when registering for the examination.
  2. Register for another examination date. A candidate may withdraw from one examination and register for another examination date in one step. A processing fee will apply.

The withdrawal processing fee is $50 if the candidate withdraws 30 days or more in advance of the exam. If the candidate withdraws less than 30 days prior to the exam, the fee will be $100.

To withdraw a registration, please go to “Our Services” and then “Withdrawal Request.”