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Get Involved, Stay Involved

Volunteers are an essential part of our organization. Without them, we couldn't achieve our mission of protecting the public.


The Importance of Serving

Since FSBPT® was founded in 1987, volunteers have helped us work through the many different challenges we've faced. From promoting uniform standards nationwide to developing the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE®), volunteers and FSBPT staff have worked together to protect the American public by promoting safe and competent physical therapy care.

Our volunteers play a major role in advancing our mission. They participate on our committees and task forces, serve on our board of directors, and apply their skills as item writers for the NPTE.


"I volunteer with FSBPT because of the work it does to uphold and elevate the standard for PT care for all of those we're privileged enough to serve. To be able to contribute in some small way to the massive achievements this organization has made nationwide over the last five years has been exciting, humbling, and a true honor. For those considering volunteering, do it. Jump in with both feet and bring your energy, your passion for patients, and a sincere desire to learn more than you ever thought possible."

– David Reed, Member of the Finance Committee, Member of the 2018 Membership Survey Task Force, Former Chair of the Ethics and Legislation Committee

“I volunteer for several reasons: 1) I get to contribute to issues that are important to states; 2) I get to meet great people from all jurisdictions; and 3) serving FSBPT allows me to give back to a great profession that has given me so much. I’ve learned a great deal about the PT profession and I’ve grown as a leader from these experiences. I encourage you to give volunteering for FSBPT a try! I find my volunteer involvement to be valuable, and I think you’ll also find gratifying experiences being part of a productive team.”

– Alicia Rabena-Amen, Member of the 2018 Membership Survey Task Force, Former Chair of the Foreign Educated Stantards Committee

Why Volunteer?

  • Contribute to your profession and your community
  • Increase your knowledge about physical therapy regulation
  • Strengthen your leadership and organizational skills


FSBPT Members Thank FSBPT Volunteers

“The FSBPT is enriched by an active membership and the invaluable contributions of the volunteers supporting the work of the organization. Each of our jurisdictions are made better through their efforts. My sincere appreciation to all volunteers, past, present, and future!”

  • Michelle Sigmund-Gaines, Administrator, Oregon Board of Physical Therapy

“I've met the most amazing people through volunteering and I am inspired by all the good things they accomplish. Thanks to our volunteers!”

  • Andrew Mix, Member, Idaho State Physical Therapy Licensure Board

“To all the brilliant, hardworking, and cheeky volunteers serving on the EDC-PTA. Thank you for all the intense work you have done this past year to keep everyone safe in the clinic. Keep tearing it up and having fun!”

“FSBPT volunteers - the lifeblood of our organization.”

  • Ruggie Canizares, FSBPT Treasurer

“Thank you for everything you do for our organizations and on behalf of public protection. We would not exist as an organization without you, and we wish you and your families health and happiness throughout the entire year!”

  • William Hatherill, FSBPT CEO

“Volunteers are so essential to the FSBPT mission of protecting the public!! Thank you all for the expertise, enthusiasm, and dedication you bring to every interaction!”

  • Dave Relling, FSBPT President

“The Federation was born from the efforts of volunteers. The Federation continues to thrive due to the efforts of its volunteers. Everyone from our volunteers to our employed staff has plentiful reasons to be proud of the collective accomplishment of the FSBPT. Thank you to every individual who has guided FSBPT to being the wonderfully effective organization it has become.”

  • J. Scott Stephens, FSBPT Honorary Member

“To all who serve the FSBPT as volunteers, know how much of a difference you make in the lives of others—both in large scale work and accomplishments but many times in small yet very meaningful ways. We thank you for your service and giving of yourselves!”

“FSBPT volunteers are an amazing breed. They work long hours, contribute amazing thoughts, ideas, and products. They willingly share their intellect and passion and they truly believe in the mission of the Federation and how it benefits the people we serve. Thank you for your willingness to share and your caring spirit. Wishing you all good health! We look forward to seeing you soon!”

  • Nancy Kirsch, Former FSBPT President

“It is amazing to watch the dedication and effort put in by all the committee members. Thank you for all of your expertise and roll up the sleeves work ethic!! The profession would not be the same without your work!”

  • Mary Conway, FSBPT Associate Member

“As a Board Administrator for 3 years and member of the Federation for 12 years, both NC and I have benefited greatly from the work of Federation volunteers. Your dedicated work on weekends and time spent in committee meeting preparations serves to develop, then teach current regulatory thinking and best practice recommendations for the community you serve. Thank you for your work on behalf of regulators and those we serve.”

  • Kathy Arney, Executive Director, North Carolina Board of Physical Therapy Examiners

“I've volunteered alongside some of the most intelligent, dedicated, and inspiring therapists. Thank you for sharing your gifts! The rewards are much greater than the sacrifice when volunteering with FSBPT.”