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Volunteers are an essential part of our organization. Without them, FSBPT couldn't achieve all of its goals and objectives.


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The importance of serving

Since FSBPT's founding in 1987, volunteers have helped us work through the many different challenges we've faced. From promoting uniform standards nationwide to developing the national physical therapy exam (NPTE®), volunteers and FSBPT staff have worked together to protect the American public by promoting safe and competent physical therapy care.

Today, our volunteers continue to play a major role in advancing our mission. They participate on our committees and task forces, serve on our board of directors and apply their skills as item writers for the NPTE and the practice review tool (PRT).

“They are a remarkable bunch who have been uniquely NOT self-serving, but who sacrificed and dedicated countless hours to public protection and to the development of an organization that was second to none.”

-Blair Packard, PT, president, Board of Directors, 1999-2004

“The opportunity to serve on the Model Practice Act Task Force with Blair Packard as our chair was a tremendous opportunity... it taught me the value of group think minus ego.”

–Deborah Tharp Hatherill, PT, secretary, Board of Directors, 2000-2003

Why should you become a volunteer?

  • To contribute to your profession and your community
  • To increase your knowledge about PT
  • To strengthen your leadership and organizational skills

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