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Significant Achievements

Model Practice Act

In working to achieve a strong foundation of laws and regulatory standards in physical therapy, FSBPT developed the Model Practice Act for Physical Therapy. This tool is used by jurisdictions to help them review and update their practice acts, rules and regulations.

National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE®)

We develop, maintain and administer the NPTE for physical therapists (PTs) and physical therapist assistants (PTAs). FSBPT continually researches and uses the best examination methodology available to ensure validity.

Continuing Competence Program

FSBPT’s Continuing Competence Committee has developed Guidelines for Continuing Professional Development with three primary actions to complete: 1. Jurisprudence & Ethics Assessment, 2. Practice/Work (Skills and Knowledge) Self-Inventory, and 3. A Healthy Practice Self-Inventory.

FSBPT also develop Jurisprudence Tools to ensure that PTs and PTAs know their legal scope of practice. 

Coursework Tools (CWT)

FSBPT developed and validated CWTs for use by member boards and the credentialing agencies they use. The CWTs have been validated as reliable tools for evaluating whether a foreign educated PT or PTA’s education is substantially equivalent to that of a graduate of a U.S. CAPTE-accredited school.

Educational Programs

FSBPT develops educational programs for our member boards and other bodies regarding effective licensure, regulation and enforcement in the practice of healthcare professions.