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Committees & Task Forces

Developing Programs and Policies

Our committees and task forces respond to a changing climate by investigating the key issues affecting the regulation of physical therapy. They are committed to developing the programs and policy recommendations to assist jurisdictions in the common mission of protecting the public.


CBA Nominating Committee

The CBA (Council of Board Administrators) Nominating Committee develops the slate for the CBA chair, vice chair, and CBA nominating committee. This committee is open to members of the council of board administrators.

Continuing Competence Committee

The Continuing Competence Committee reviews the current best evidence related to continuing competence; makes recommendations regarding new approaches to continuing competence based on the evidence and recommends appropriate models that incorporate these changes; uses the evidence to evaluate and recommend tools and methods that will help assure licensees are maintaining competence for safe and effective practice; and achieves the purpose of the FSBPT Continuing Competence Initiative.

Education Committee

The Education Committee plans the educational sessions for FSBPT's annual meeting and provides logistical support throughout the meeting.

Ethics & Legislation Committee

The Ethics & Legislation Committee is responsible for developing and analyzing methods to improve consumer protection. It recommends position statements regarding disciplinary and standards of practice issues to the board of directors and continues to review and update the Model Practice Act for Physical Therapy.

Exam Development Committee - PT

This committee oversees the item construction and exam review process in order to maintain the validity and reliability of the physical therapist (PT) National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE).

Exam Development Committee - PTA

This committee oversees the item construction and exam review process in order to maintain the validity and reliability of the physical therapist assistant (PTA) NPTE. 

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee develops and presents an annual budget to the board of directors, advises the board on matters pertaining to FSBPT's financial needs, growth, and stability, and monitors the financial stability of FSBPT through a review of monthly financial statements.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee selects a slate of appropriate candidates for the board of directors and the nominating committee positions. This committee is elected by the FSBPT Delegate Assembly.

Resolutions Committee

The Resolutions Committee receives and correlates motions and resolutions to be presented to the delegate assembly and identifies motions that fall outside the purpose of FSBPT. The committee provides advice and counsel to delegates regarding form, wording, and method of presentation of matters to the delegate assembly.

Sexual Misconduct and Boundary Violations Committee

The Sexual Misconduct and Boundary Violations Committee promotes awareness of sexual misconduct and boundary violations issues to FSBPT membership and creates educational resources regarding sexual misconduct and boundary violations.