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Staff and Contacts

Dedicated to Supporting Members

Our staff is a dedicated group of professionals who provide the expertise and the service to effectively support our member licensing authorities. They act as a clearinghouse for member information and intercommunication among other professionals and regulatory agencies.

If you have questions related to specific areas, see our staff contact list below. For a complete list, go to the Members' Area.


Administrative Services
Continuing Competence
Examination Services
Information Systems
Professional Standards

Administrative Services

Administrative Services
tel: 703-299-3100
fax: 703-299-3110

William A. Hatherill
Chief Executive Officer
(703) 299-3100 x225

Susan Layton Newman
Chief Operating Officer
(703) 299-3100 x224

Linda Michelsen
Chief Financial Officer
(703) 299-3100 x226

Richard D Woolf, PT, DPT
Chief Professional Officer
(703) 299-3100 x232

Paul Delaney
Meeting Planner
(703) 299-3100 x223

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Continuing Competence

Jeffrey M. Rosa
Managing Director, Post Licensure Services
(703) 299-3100 x239

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tel: 703-739-9420
fax: 703-739-9421

Primary Functions Include: Exam Development and Statistical Analysis

Lorin Mueller, PhD
Managing Director, Assessment
(703) 299-3100 x206

Jerry Bush
Assessment System Manager
(703) 299-3100 x 229

Yu Zhang, Ph.D.
Psychometrician III
(703) 299-3100 x218

Colleen Lettvin
NPTE® Content Manager
(703) 299-3100 x237

Exam Services
Primary Functions Include: Exam Registration, Score Reports and Score Transfers

Christine M. Sousa
Managing Director, Exam Services
(703) 299-3100 x201

Ashley Ray
Assistant Director, Exam Services
(703) 299-3100 x202

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Information Systems

Frank Schneider
Managing Director of Information Systems
(703) 299-3100

Brandon L. Rogers
Assistant Director of Information Systems
(703) 299-3100 x248

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Professional Standards

Leslie Adrian, PT
Director of Professional Standards
(703) 299-3100 x233

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