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Launch your physical therapy career

Are you nearing graduation and ready to become a licensed physical therapist (PT) or physical therapist assistant (PTA)?

Find out how to successfully navigate your career path from student to licensee.


Apply for a state license

Each licensing authority has its own eligibility criteria for licensure and for taking the NPTE. Identify who to contact to find out the requirements in your jurisdiction.

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Take a jurisprudence exam

If your jurisdiction requires you to take a jurisprudence exam administered by FSBPT, the procedures are the same as those for the NPTE.

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Complete a jurisprudence assessment module

If your jurisdiction requires or has approved as an option completing a jurisprudence assessment module administered by FSBPT.

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Take the national exam

The national physical therapy exam (NPTE®) for PTs and PTAs is an essential part of the licensing process. Learn how to get started and what you need to know before, during and after the exam. Learn more »

Top 3 resources and services

  1. Licensing authority contact information

    Contact the licensing authority in your jurisdiction.

  2. NPTE candidate handbook

    Everything you need to know about the NPTE is included.

  3. Candidate services

    Check out all of the services we offer.

Want to see what the NPTE is like OR want to take a practice exam that’s just like the NPTE?

Request the practice exam and assessment tool (PEAT®)

Interested in how we developed the NPTE?

Read all about exam development

Considering a career change to become a PT or PTA?

Learn the basics about physical therapy