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Withheld Scores FAQs


Why are Scores Held for Validation?

Some candidates have their scores withheld on any given exam date. Reasons we may hold scores include

  • A mismatch between registration data and data received from Prometric,
  • Response patterns that suggest a very narrow range of studying,
  • An incident at a test center that requires investigation (e.g., accessing a phone or materials during a break),
  • The score is very low (near guessing) and we want to validate that it is a legitimate testing attempt, and
  • Very large score gains.

ALL SCORES are subject to validation prior to being released.

When Will a Held Score be Released?

In most cases, we can release a score within a week of the planned score release. Higher volume testing dates might require more time. In some cases, we require additional information from the candidate. Responding to these requests quickly and accurately helps us to release the score as efficiently as possible.

What Can I do to Minimize the Likelihood of My Score Being Withheld?

Take the NPTE when you feel you are prepared for licensure—do not take the NPTE® to “see what is on the exam.” If you would like to see what the exam is like, take FSBPT’s PEAT®.

Never recall questions from a previous examination, or study from questions someone else has recalled. The NPTE does not reuse items very frequently, and recalling questions is a violation of the NPTE Security Agreement.

If you are not fully proficient in English, the NPTE might pose a challenge to you. Consider taking the TOEFL to see whether you meet the English proficiency standard for licensure before taking the NPTE.

Lastly, FSBPT recommends studying from a broad range of textbooks and other materials; do not solely rely on PEAT or any other single study tool. Do not study from test questions of unknown origin, as these are likely to narrow your knowledge base and might result in your score being withheld.