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After Exam

Congratulations! Now what?

You've taken the national physical therapy exam (NPTE®) and completed a major step toward becoming a licensed physical therapist or physical therapist assistant. Now you're ready to find out how you performed on the exam.


How to get your score

Five days after the exam, FSBPT will transmit your score to the licensing authority to which you applied for licensure.

Beginning in 2013, FSBPT will be providing a free score report to candidates for a period of time after each fixed-date administration. The free score reports will be available from Check the Status of My Request 10 business days after each administration and will remain accessible for 30 days.


Did you pass or fail?

  • If you score at or above 600, congratulations! You passed the exam. Now that you're a licensee, you'll have a lot of resources available to you. Go to continuing competence to learn more.
  • If you score lower than 600 and would like to retake the exam, we're here to help. Go to retake exam to learn more. 


Request exam reports and services

You may want to take advantage of our exam reports and services. Use FSBPT's online processing system to request the following:

  • Performance feedback. This valuable report provides detailed information about how you performed, helping you identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Individual score report. You'll receive your score automatically from your licensing authority, but we can also send your score report to you upon your request.
  • Examination score verification. Exams are scored electronically with a high degree of accuracy, but you can also request verification independently.
  • Authorization to release scores. Use this service to send your scores to your school.


Free resources

Pass rate reports. Pass rates show all interested parties how candidates overall perform on the NPTE. There are also reports for educators to use to compare pass rates for their school program with pass rates of other school programs.