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Applying for State License

Different Requirements for Jurisdictions

To apply for a state license, please follow the steps outlined below. You can also create your own customized journey map based on your school and the state you want to practice in to guide your NPTE registration process. 


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    Contact Your Licensing Authority

    Contact your jurisdiction to find out what they require.
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    Apply for a License 

    Request a licensure application from your licensing authority. Carefully complete the form, pay the fees and follow the instructions for submission.
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    Register for Exams

    You may register for the NPTE® and/or jurisprudence exam using the FSBPT online processing system.


Want to Compare Similarities and Differences among Jurisdictions?

Review the licensure reference guide to get a quick overview of requirements for the fifty-three jurisdictions.


Moving to Another State?

If you're already licensed in one state but are planning to practice in another state, find out how to become licensed in another state.