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Appeals Process

Candidates who are ineligible to register for the NPTE because they do not meet eligibility requirements are able to request that a jurisdiction appeal on their behalf to FSBPT.

The only eligibility requirements that can be appealed through this process are:

  • 6-time lifetime limit
  • 2 very low scores policy.
  1. Download Form. APPEALS FORM.
  2. Submit to Jurisdiction. Submit the completed form to the jurisdiction where you have been seeking licensure. Jurisdiction contact information.
  3. Jurisdiction Review. The state licensing board will review the appeal request and determine whether they will submit to FSBPT. Appeals will only be considered from bona fide candidates for licensure.
  4. FSBPT Review. Appeals that are submitted to the FSBPT by a jurisdiction on behalf of a candidate will be reviewed and a decision made within 60 days.
  5. Notification. Candidates will be notified by email by FSBPT if an appeal has been granted.
  6. Appeal Information. When an appeal is granted, the individual has ONE YEAR to register for ONE ADDITIONAL exam attempt.

IMPORTANT NOTE: FSBPT will NOT review appeals requests directly from candidates. The appeal must come from a jurisdiction.