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NPTE Security

Protect Your Career and Reputation

Passing the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE®) is a major step toward receiving your license to practice physical therapy. Understandably, you want to take advantage of all available resources when preparing for this important examination.

In the past, when you have prepared for examinations at school, you considered fellow students to be good resources for learning about questions that were on those tests. This is not the case when preparing for the NPTE.


Do not share exam items with any person, for any reason

The NPTE is the property of the FSBPT and is protected by contract, trade secret and federal copyright laws. It is a violation of those laws, and thus illegal, to share any information whatsoever about any NPTE question. Sharing information about a NPTE question recalled from memory or asking someone who has taken the NPTE to share such information is illegal.


It is illegal to recall questions

The FSBPT aggressively protects the integrity of the NPTE. Such protection is important to safeguarding the public from persons who do not have the requisite knowledge about physical therapy and therefore are not qualified to practice physical therapy. Any person for whom the FSBPT has a reasonable suspicion of sharing or soliciting information about any NPTE examination question may be prohibited from sitting for the NPTE until they are determined after full investigation not to have shared or solicited such information.


Recalling exam questions is unethical

Soliciting recalled questions from individuals who have previously taken the NPTE is unethical for several reasons:

  • You are breaking the public's trust

    You are expected to pass the test based on your own merit without assistance. The members of the public who will entrust you with their well-being expect that you are a trustworthy and competent individual.

  • You are committing an illegal act

    The purpose of the NPTE is to protect the public by ensuring that candidates for licensure have achieved entry-level competence. By asking previous test takers to share questions with you, you are committing an illegal act and are undermining the very purpose of the examination.

  • You are encouraging illegal acts

    By soliciting questions from previous test takers, you are encouraging such persons to commit illegal acts.

  • Do you know someone who has violated exam security?

    Please contact FSBPT at (703) 739-9420 or by email to security@fsbpt.org.


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Testimonial from violator

Below is one of many testimonials we have received from previous violators of NPTE or PEAT copyright laws. They serve as a warning to others of the serious consequences of their actions.

Statement from P.P.

Beware: Do not violate copyright law of NPTE


Copyright protections

NPTE is the property of FSBPT and is protected by contract and federal copyright law. Sharing of any NPTE materials such as test questions by recall and/or practice questions is violation of copyright law. Thus is considered to be illegal.

Risks of sharing these material results in similar or serious penalties:

  • Paying thousands of monetary sanction to FSBPT.
  • Completion of ProBE program at your own expense which costs thousands of dollars.
  • Reporting to particular licensing jurisdiction which results in Probation period for six months or more from taking NPTE exam.
  • Chances of not being permitted to be ever licensed in any jurisdiction.


Copyright violations

I shared NPTE questions on shared group email, to get answers to my doubts. However, as I had shared NPTE test questions it was considered violation of the copyright law that protects the integrity of NPTE.


Consequences of violating the law

FSBPT aggressively protects the integrity of NPTE and takes serious steps if the copyright law is jeopardized. As a consequence of my violation of law I had to complete following sanction before I could be eligible to take NPTE again.

  • Pay thousands of dollars as fine.
  • Complete ProBE program that costs couple of thousand dollars.
  • My licensing jurisdiction put me on six month probation, which means I cannot take NPTE test for six months.
  • Post a curative statement.


Caution to other examinees

Any sharing or discussion of any copyright materials of NPTE is violation of law. So, please DO NOT involve in any such activities.

Your involvement in any such acts will jeopardize your career as Physical Therapist or even the chance of ever being one. There are no shortcuts to success. I have learned my lesson and so I sincerely urge all the future candidates not to violate any law.


Please note: This statement was provided by the violator and posted as written by the author.