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Supporting your regulatory efforts

You work hard at developing laws and regulatory standards in physical therapy. FSBPT is committed to supporting your efforts with a wide range of information, tools and resources.


Top 3 resources for members

  1. Regulatory resources

    Access a wide range of information and tools related to the regulation of physical therapy.

  2. Examination, licensure and disciplinary database (ELDD)

    Be alerted to sanctioned individuals and prevent them from try to move to another jurisdiction to avoid the effects of disciplinary action.

  3. Forum Magazine

    Read about the latest regulatory challenges and solutions and explore an archive of back issues.

More resources

  • NPDB basis for action codes

    This tool offers definitions and guidelines to help you make informed decisions about whether or not to take disciplinary action.

  • FSBPT organization

    Find out how our organization is structured and contact key staff.

  • NPTE® development

    Learn how we develop the exam and ensure validity.