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Reporting Disciplinary Actions

As a state licensing authority, you are charged with disciplining individuals that violate provisions of your state’s physical therapy practice act. FSBPT offers resources and services to support you with this responsibility.


Exam Licensure and Disciplinary Database (ELDD)

The ELDD is a comprehensive physical therapy database of disciplinary, licensure and examination score information. The information stored in this database helps jurisdictions in multiple ways:

  • Alerts You to Sanctioned Licenses

    If a licensee holds multiple licenses and gets disciplined in one jurisdiction, the ELDD serves as an alert mechanism to notify other jurisdictions in which the individual is licensed or has requested a score transfer to. This prevents sanctioned individuals from moving across state lines to avoid the effects of disciplinary action and is critical to public protection.

  • Helps You Formulate Disciplinary Decisions

    The database is also a rich source of data that can help you formulate decisions based on evidence.


More Resources

Basis for Disciplinary Action Definitions and Descriptions
Developed by FSBPT, this tool provides member boards with definitions and guidelines for how and when to use disciplinary action codes.