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Supporting Your Students and Programs

Welcome to the educators section of our website. Here you'll find information, tools and resources you can use when you are preparing students for the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE®) or developing your physical therapy academic programs.


Top Three Resources for Educators

  1. 1

    NPTE Public Pass Rate Reports

    Find out how candidates overall performed on the NPTE. View three types of posted NPTE pass rates reports: exam year reports, graduation year reports, and three-year ultimate pass rates.

  2. 2

    FAQs for Educators

    Access frequently asked questions about the NPTE, practice exam and assessment tool (PEAT®), state practice acts, continuing competence, initial licensure requirements and FSBPT and APTA.

  3. 3

    NPTE Articles

    Read articles on NPTE topics such as how the job analysis is conducted, how the passing score is determined, and how the exam is developed.

More Resources

  • Prepare Candidates for the NPTE

    Explore several ways to help your students prepare for the NPTE.

  • Faculty Newsletter

    Get current information and updates on the NPTE and other regulatory issues relevant to educators.

  • Educators Workshops

    Learn and participate in workshops that benefit your programs and students.

  • Textbook Survey Data

    Access the results of our textbook survey.

  • School Codes

    Find your school code to run school pass rate reports.

  • School Reports

    Compare pass rates for your school program with pass rates for other school programs. Order reports (four options are available) through your program director/administrator.

  • NPTE Candidate Handbook

    Get all the important details surrounding the NPTE and communicate them to your students.