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Member Portal

As an FSBPT member, we hope you will find the FSBPT Member Portal useful. It is designed for physical therapy licensure board members and administrators as well as FSBPT committee and task force members.

Once becoming a volunteer or member of a member board, you should receive a notice with your username and a link to the portal. The subject line is “Welcome to the FSBPT Portal”. Within the email, you will see a long login link and your username. Click the link and it will prompt you to set up your password.

If you cannot find the email, forgot your password, or would like to change your password, follow these steps:

  • Forgot Your Password Link.
  • Enter your username (email), and click “Send Password Reset Email”.
  • Note: it will not allow you to use an old password.

If you have any issues, please contact

If you are an educator or other stakeholder who would like to register for a webinar or event, you will also use this portal. If you do not already have a login (this portal uses a different login than your educator login), then you will need to set up a complimentary account.

If you are an NPTE candidate, PEAT user, or licensee and need to register for an exam, transfer a score, request a score report, or check your status, please go to Our Services. This FSBPT portal is not where you would complete these actions.