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FAQs for Candidates - COVID-19

The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT) is committed to being transparent during this COVID-19 pandemic by providing up-to-date, accurate information. As an organization, we are committing to following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations while working to minimize the impact on candidates, schools, and member jurisdictions.


My April 7 PTA exam was cancelled. What are my next steps? Should I withdraw or reschedule for a later date?

You do not have to withdraw your April PTA registration or re-schedule for July. While the April 7 administration has been cancelled, your registration for this exam is still good. FSBPT is working with Prometric on a plan to have candidates rescheduled as soon as possible once the test sites reopen. By remaining registered for an exam, you will continue to receive notifications and updates regarding the NPTE.

When will I be able to test if my exam was cancelled?

This is currently unknown. FSBPT is working with Prometric on a plan to reschedule candidates and resume testing once the test sites reopen. Our goal is to have candidates rescheduled as soon as possible and we will continue to provide updates as we have new information.

When will Prometric make a determination if the test centers will remain closed past April 16?

Prometric’s intention is to resume normal operations on April 16 but will make a determination on policy as new information is available. The COVID-19 pandemic is a highly fluid situation. FSBPT will communicate with affected candidates by email and with updates to the website as new information becomes available. You should also visit the Prometric website for any updates regarding test center operations.

What are the other testing options if Prometric centers remain closed? Will FSBPT be adding additional test dates?

At this time, FSBPT is considering many options for accommodating candidates who have been, or will be displaced, due to Prometric test center closures. Although the current Prometric announcement extends through April 16, we cannot say when the centers will reopen. We are working closely with Prometric to evaluate a number of options to return to testing.

What happens if seats are full for the July exams?

FSBPT reviews capacity for each exam on an ongoing basis and will make needed adjustments, if feasible. If you are testing in July, you should schedule your testing appointment as soon as you receive your Authorization to Test letter.

I registered for an April exam under an appeal. Will the appeal expiration date be extended to allow me to test in July?

Yes. Please contact to adjust your appeal expiration date.

I want to purchase a compact privilege. Do I still have to comply with the jurisprudence requirement if my test site is closed?

Yes. You would need to meet all eligibility requirements in order to purchase a compact privilege. The PT Compact Commission has been communicating with member boards to determine if any requirements will be waived during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can I use my compact privileges for telephone visits?

A compact privilege is the legal equivalent of a license to practice within the state. You need to review that state’s physical therapy practice act to determine the legal requirements for telephone visits.

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