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Physical Therapist guiding a patient through an exercise

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Licensing Authorities Offering Credit

Receive continuing competence credit towards licensure renewal

To receive continuing competence or continuing education credit towards licensure renewal for completing oPTion®, you should review your state's specific requirements for credit. States will continually be added to this list when FSBPT is notified by the state licensing board that credit is awarded for oPTion completion.

Approved states

Jurisdiction Units of Credit Awarded for Completion
Alabama 3
Arizona 3
California 6
Colorado  10 
Connecticut 3
Kansas 2
Kentucky 3
Minnesota 3 Approval #1046
Mississippi 15 
Missouri 3
Montana 1
Nebraska 5
New Hampshire 3
New Jersey 3
North Carolina 3
North Dakota 3
Oregon 3
Texas 3
Utah 3
Virginia 5 of Type 1 for Level 2; 10 of Type 1 for Level 3 or 4
West Virginia
Wyoming 3 in Category B