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Score Transfer Service

Transfer a Score to Another Jurisdiction

After you take the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE), your scores are automatically reported to the jurisdiction licensing authority through which you applied for initial licensure. Once you become licensed in one jurisdiction, you may decide you want to become licensed in additional jurisdictions.


What the Service Does

Most jurisdictions require that your NPTE score be transferred by the FSBPT to ensure that the score is authentic. Transfer of your scores may be requested any time after taking the NPTE.

What the Service Doesn't Do

In offering this service, FSBPT is not ensuring the score transferred is a passing score. Additionally, a score transfer may be one of several requirements for licensure and FSBPT makes no guarantees that any licensing authority will issue a license based on the score.



There is a reporting fee only when you transfer your scores to other jurisdictions.

  • Score Transfer Report: $90.00


What to Know before You Proceed

  • You must have already tested to transfer a score
  • FSBPT will transfer failing scores upon request

    Refunds will not be given after a request for a Score Transfer has been processed.

  • If you tested prior to 1987, your score might not be available for online transfer at this time. If we are unable to process your request online, a link will be provided to download and print the Score Transfer Request form and offline instructions.


How to Request a Score Transfer

To request a score transfer online, go to your Customer Dashboard


Next Steps

FSBPT will transfer your score(s) directly to the licensing authority in the jurisdiction(s) that you selected when the request and payment have been received. To determine if a score transfer has been completed, go to your Customer Dashboard.