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Below you will find a list of many of the websites that FSBPT and FCCPT staff access on a regular basis.

QUICK LINKS — FSBPT Staff Interface | Membership Management System

FSBPT - Continuing Competence
  oPTion Staff Admin
  FSBPT - Exam Delivery System
  PEAT 3.0 Staff Admin
  Academic PEAT Staff Admin
  JAM Login
  JAM Admin
FSBPT - Exam Development System
  Item Entry and Review System - Jurisprudence
  Item Entry and Review System - NPTE
FSBPT - Online Processing System
  Candidate/Licensee Services
  Jurisdiction Interface
  School Interface
  School List
  FSBPT Staff Interface
FSBPT - Web Communications System
  Event Management System
Meeting Management (WeAndGoliath)
  FSBPT Public Website
  FSBPT Survey Management System
  FSBPT Webmail
  Office 365
  Membership Management System (MMS)
  Practice Evaluation Tool (SCP PET)
  LRG Admin
QA, Demo and New OPS
  QA, Demo and New OPS Websites
  FCCPT Applicant Interface
  FCCPT Staff Interface
  FCCPT Public Website
  FCCPT Survey Management System
Contact Services
  Agent Finesse
  Contact Center Manager
  Contact Center Reports
  Quality Management Center
Human Resources
  CDC Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates
  Employee Assistance Program
  Fidelity 401k
  Flex Saving Account
  Medicare Creditable Coverage Notice (PDF)
  MetLife Employee Benefits
Other Useful Links
  Dorland's Medical Dictionary
  FedEx Tracking
  FSBPT Nimble Documentation
  Premier Travel
  Prometric - GEE
  Prometric - NPTE/PRT Scheduling
  Stedman's Medical Dictionary
  Telework Resources