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Practice Exam & Assessment Tool (PEAT)

Prepare students with practice tools

One of the best ways to prepare for the national physical therapy exam (NPTE) is by taking a practice exam. FSBPT developed the practice exam and assessment tool (PEAT), a timed, computer-based, multiple-choice practice exam for NPTE candidates.

PEAT helps students identify their strengths and weaknesses prior to taking the actual exam. Questions have been developed by experienced clinicians and item writers in the same format as the NPTE.

** Update: Through the October testing dates, candidates will receive the option of taking a PEAT that corresponds to the October test forms content and standards, or the 2018 versions of the content outlines and standards. After each October test date, PEAT forms will ONLY be available for the 2018 content outlines.

Here's why PEAT is such a valuable tool. PEAT offers:

  • The same format and type of questions as the actual NPTE.
  • Immediate and automatic scoring.
  • A detailed performance report by content area and system.
  • Explanations and rationales behind correct answers.
  • References to help students increase their knowledge.
  • In addition, Academic PEAT forms are different from the forms available for individual purchase.

What's included

Students get access to two timed (5-hour), 250-questions physical therapist (PT) practice exams or two timed (4 hour) 200-questions physical therapist assistant (PTA) practice exams. Students can select different timing options if they plan to take the NPTE with an extra-time accommodation. The school also gets access to the Academic PEAT Score Report to track students’ performance. The forms available for Academic PEAT are different from the forms available to candidates for individual purchase.

Group discounts

In order to qualify for an Academic PEAT discount, 10 or more students must be registered. A 20% discount off the standard price will apply, making the price per PEAT $79.00. If the number of students is less than 10, PEAT may still be purchased as a group at the standard fee of $99 per PEAT.

Whether you have enough students to qualify for the group discount, PEAT purchased through your school will be the Academic forms, not the forms available for individual purchase.

Follow the purchasing process

Ask your program director or administrator to go to the Educators login and click on Academic PEAT to order PEAT for your students.

Helpful hints

  • Disable pop-ups

    Many times, students will see the following message when they log on to PEAT. “Thank you for visiting FSBPT. PEAT is now running in another browser window.” In this case, the student will need to disable their pop-up blocker in order to see PEAT. They should allow pop-ups for the duration of PEAT.

  • 60-day expiration

    PEAT expires 60 days after the first practice exam has been accessed. However, students can download and print the supplemental materials and this won’t count toward the 60 days.

  • Two practice exams are included

    After taking the first exam and reviewing their performance report as well as the references and rationales for each question, students can move to the second practice exam.

  • Extensions are available

    An extension is available for 15 days if the student has not completed both practice exams. The extension fee is $50 and can be purchased by going to "home" and selecting the "purchase PEAT" shortcut.

  • Purchases are confirmed

    Confirmation emails for PEAT purchases are generally received within 2-3 hours. The exception is YAHOO accounts (they seem to be sent to junk mail or filtered as spam). Confirmation emails are sent to the school email address provided during purchase. If you have not received the confirmation email, call or email FSBPT to receive the product keys and instruction. Please add to your contacts list to get our e-mails.