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Attend Key Meetings

FSBPT holds several meetings every year in various locations. These meetings give you an opportunity to learn about relevant topics in your field and converse and exchange ideas with colleagues.


2021 Meetings

2021 FSBPT Webinar Series

These webinars will be held throughout the year. Learn more!

Virtual Board Member & Administrator Training

August 28-30 | Virtual

This training provides an in-depth understanding of your role as a regulatory board member or staff person in protecting the consumers of physical therapy services. We will give an overview of FSBPT’s member services and Dale Atkinson will review important aspects of being a regulator and provide tips and lessons learned. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions about the training for more information.


Leadership Issues Forum (LIF)

July 17-18 | Virtual

This weekend provides our leaders with an overview of the topics and projects that are currently on the “front burner” for FSBPT. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions about LIF for more information.

Delegate Assembly

October 23 | Virtual

Delegates will vote on candidates and motions at the Delegate Assembly.  Please read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information.


2022 Meetings

Save the dates! We will share more information on these meetings soon.

Board Member & Administrator Training

  • May 20-22, 2022
  • Alexandria, Virginia

Leadership Issues Forum (LIF)

  • July 23-24, 2022
  • Alexandria, Virginia

Annual Meeting & Delegate Assembly

  • October 27-29, 2022
  • Orange County, California