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Important updates and timely information for FSBPT members and stakeholders.

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In this News Brief:

Call for Presentation Proposals and Ideas for FSBPT Webinars in 2021

We are accepting presentation ideas and proposals for webinars we will be hosting throughout 2021.

Please submit your proposal by March 1, 2021.
If you have a topic of interest but you do not have suggested speakers or an official proposal, please share the topic with us. We welcome ideas!  

2020 Practice Analysis

Every year, FSBPT undertakes a formal, systematic process referred to as an "analysis of practice" to ensure the questions on the NPTE reflect important knowledge and skills relevant to safe and effective care. This process begins with identifying work requirements for entry-level practitioners and ends with developing a formal set of test specifications that delineates the knowledge and skills related to safe and effective entry-level practice. FSBPT formally reviews these data and updates the PT and PTA examinations' content outlines every five years.

This year we collected data in April and May, so we did not see much impact from the pandemic. However, changes in practice due to COVID-19 may be reflected in our 2021 analysis. This year we had an excellent response rate and collected more than 5,000 usable responses.

Consistent with the 2019 results, most statements related to "Integumentary Repair and Protection Techniques" or "Therapeutic modalities" are trending down in importance. Some topics that are trending upward include dry needling for PTs and performing tests and measures of body dimensions for PTAs.

You can read the full report on our website . Please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

Express Your Interest in Running for Office in 2021

At the 2021 Delegate Assembly, elections will be held for the following positions on the Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee.

SECRETARY (three-year term):
Must be a member of a Member Board, administrator of a Member Board, or an Associate Member. 

TREASURER (three-year term):
Must be a member of a Member Board, administrator of a Member Board, or an Associate Member.

DIRECTOR POSITION #1 (three-year term):
Must be a current member of a Member Board at the time of election. 

Must be a member of a Member Board, administrator of a Member Board, an Associate Member*, or an individual with expertise to facilitate the task of the committee. 

Are you interested in running for a position? View the job descriptions and email before December 31, 2020. (Please include the position(s) for which you are interested.) You’ll hear about next steps in early 2021. 

*An Associate Member is a former member or administrator of a Member Board, a former member of the Board of Directors, a former committee or task force member, or a member of the Academy of Advanced Item Writers.

FSBPT Thanks John Young for his Years of Service on the Board

John Young joined the FSBPT Board of Directors in 2016 as the Public Member. Since then, he has provided an invaluable perspective and sage advice that has helped advance our mission. We are very grateful to John Young for his years of dedicated service as our Public Member.

We are happy to welcome Charles E. Reiter, III, JD, as the new Public Member. Charles is a practicing attorney in Chicago and founding member of Reiter Burns, LLP. He has served as Senior Vice-President, General Counsel and Secretary of the Loyola University Health System and was Executive Vice-President, General Counsel and Secretary of Palos Health, a community hospital. Mr. Reiter is a graduate of Boston University and the University of Miami School of Law. We are grateful for his willingness to serve and look forward to the contributions he will make to FSBPT.

John M. Young Charles E. Reiter

Pennsylvania Enacts PT Compact Legislation

On November 25, 2020, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed a bill to enact the PT Compact, making the state the twenty-ninth to join. The Physical Therapy Compact Commission will begin immediate efforts with the commonwealth to implement the requirements of the PT Compact. For the most up to date status of the PT Compact, see the PT Compact map

Efforts have begun to plan for the 2021 legislative session and potential new PT Compact member jurisdictions. If your jurisdiction is interested in pursuing Compact legislation in 2021, please contact either Leslie Adrian, Director of Professional Standards or TJ Cantwell, PT Compact Commissioner.

Immunity for Occupational Licensing Boards

Reps. Jaime Raskin (D-MD), David Cicilline (D-RI), and Mike Conaway (R-TX) introduced legislation (the Occupational Licensing Board Antitrust Damages Relief Act of 2020 (H.R. 8680)) that would provide immunity for damages in cases against occupational licensing boards in some circumstances. The bill will also establish the standards for immunity.

FSBPT joined eleven other organizations in signing a letter of support. We encourage you to also contact your respective member of the United States House of Representatives and your senators in support of this bill. Unfortunately, this bill is likely to languish without strong grassroots support. Find out how to contact your representative and feel free to use the draft message below:

I am writing to share my support of the Occupational Licensing Board Antitrust Damages Relief Act of 2020. The legislation seeks to protect state boards, board members, and staff from damage awards by private plaintiffs, while still allowing for enforcement of antitrust laws by federal and private actors seeking to enjoin anticompetitive behavior of licensing boards. It also conditions immunity from damages liability on licensing boards meeting certain standards. I believe that this legislation is a balanced approach to competition policy that retains enforcement mechanisms against anticompetitive activities while ensuring that current and prospective state licensing board members will continue to be willing to serve and are not dissuaded because of uncertainty over any potential personal liability arising from their public service. I hope you will support it.

Physician Fee Schedule Clarifies Telehealth Policies During Public Health Emergency

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) communicated multiple changes to telehealth regulations and other services involving communications technology in the final Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) rule published on December 1. While the rule primarily details Medicare payment for physicians and other billing professionals' services, CMS often uses the rule to address other Medicare Part B issues.

CMS clarified in this rule that in order to add PTs and PTAs to the list of authorized providers for real-time telehealth services, federal legislation is necessary. Although CMS currently reimburses PTs and PTAs for real-time telehealth services during this public health emergency (PHE), CMS does not have the authority to permanently add PTs and PTAs through regulation. However, PTs are permitted to continue providing communication technology-based services—including e-visits, virtual check-ins, and remote assessment of video or images by PTs—for payment. Additionally, CMS clarified that telehealth rules do not apply when the beneficiary and the practitioner are in the same location, regardless of if the visit was performed using audio/video technology.

Until this final rule, there were only two categories of criteria for adding services to the Medicare telehealth list. CMS has created a third temporary category (Category 3) that includes services added to the Medicare telehealth list during the Covid-19 PHE, including physical therapy services, that will remain on the list through the calendar year in which the PHE ends.

CMS also addressed questions of supervision and medical record documentation related to physical therapy services. For the duration of the COVID-19 PHE, CMS allows direct supervision to be provided using real-time, interactive audio and video technology through the end of the calendar year in which the PHE ends or December 31, 2021, whichever is later. Therapists can review and verify documentation entered into the medical record by members of the medical team for their own services that are paid under the PFS. Therapy students working under a practitioner may document in the record so long as the documentation is reviewed and verified (signed and dated) by the billing practitioner.

The effective date for the regulation is January 1, 2021. For more information, CMS has created a fact sheet and made available the full version of the final rule.

2020 Annual Meeting Webinar Series

FSBPT provided some educational content that would normally occur during the Annual Meeting via a series of webinars throughout the year. We hope you had a chance to participate and found them informative and interesting. If you missed some, be sure to watch the recordings.

FSBPT Forum: President's Perspective: Being Nimble in 2020 and Beyond

From the outset, the role of each member board and FSBPT has always been to protect the public. Ideas concerning the best way to do this—the best regulatory guidelines, the best disciplinary protocols, and the best assessment tools—are ever changing. We are always confronting new challenges and opportunities. However, perhaps that truth has never been more evident than in the year 2020. Read more.

Spotlight on Member Resources: A Discussion of Diversity in Physical Therapy Regulation

Speakers: Anne Wallestad, Ruggie Canizares, Nancy Kirsch, and Adrienne Price

This panel discussion, with BoardSource CEO, Anne Wallestad, and three members of the FSBPT Board of Directors, focused on diversity and inclusion as it relates to physical therapy regulation. The session probed various issues including “what elements of diversity should physical therapy boards be working on,” “what do we lose without diversity,” and “what do we gain with diversity.” The goal of the panel was to bring awareness of these issues to FSBPT’s members and get individuals thinking about how they can increase diversity in their own settings.

Watch the webinar now.

Our Gratitude for Volunteers

This month, we thank all of our generous volunteer members for their support of our mission.

In the News

"The Future of State Telehealth Policy," National Governors Association, November 30, 2020

"This paper summarizes the types of telehealth policy flexibilities provided by states and the federal government during the COVID-19 pandemic and longer-term considerations for Governors regarding the impact of such policies on care delivery and payment with the goal of helping policymakers assess the appropriateness of policy permanence beyond the pandemic."

"Telehealth Services Across States OKed Under HHS Declaration," Christopher Brown, Bloomberg Law, December 3, 2020

"Health-care providers can provide telehealth services across state lines during the Covid-19 emergency regardless of state and local prohibitions, the HHS said Thursday."

"Board may use licensee’s sealed criminal record to impose discipline," Professional Licensing Report, December 8, 2020

"The state medical board may use the sealed criminal record of a physician charged with misconduct to impose discipline, the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled September 1. However, the court also ruled the contents of the sealed record could not be made publicly available, unless the board possesses independent evidence of the criminal case or criminal conduct in question and uses that evidence for a final disciplinary decision."

"Executive Order on Increasing Economic and Geographic Mobility," The White House, December 14, 2020

"Overly burdensome occupational licensing requirements can impede job creation and slow economic growth, which undermines our Nation’s prosperity and the economic well‑being of the American people. Such regulations can prevent American workers and job seekers from earning a living, maximizing their personal and economic potential, and achieving the American Dream. The purpose of this order is to reduce the burden of occupational regulations in order to promote the free practice of commerce, lower consumer costs, and increase economic and geographic mobility, including for military spouses."

Board Report

Motion adopted
To approve the 2021 organizational goals.
Rationale: The Board of Directors annually adopts organizational goals.
Fiscal Impact: None

Motion adopted
To adopt the 2021 operating budget of $2,339,932 
Rationale: The Board of Directors annually adopts an operating budget.
Fiscal Impact: As indicated in the motion.

Motion adopted
To adopt the 2021 capital budget in the amount of $1,161,900
Rationale: The Board of Directors annual adopts a capital budget.
Fiscal Impact: As indicated in the motion.

Motion adopted
To adopt the 2021 reserve funding in the following amount of $29,194,604.
Rationale: The Board of Directors annually adopts reserve fund amounts.
Fiscal Impact: As indicated in the motion.

Motion adopted
To adopt the 2021 Policies Manual.
Rationale: As a matter of procedure, the policy manuals are reviewed and approved each year.
Fiscal Impact: None.

Motion adopted
To adopt the 2021 Personnel Policy Manual.
Rationale: As a matter of procedure, the policy manuals are reviewed and approved each year.
Fiscal Impact: None.

Motion adopted
To adopt the 2021 Salary Administration Manual.
Rationale: As a matter of procedure, the policy manuals are reviewed and approved each year.
Fiscal Impact: None.

Motion adopted
To adopt the 2021 NPTE Policies.
Rationale: The 2021 NPTE Policies will become effective 60 days after they have been sent to the member jurisdictions for review.
Fiscal Impact: None.

Motion adopted
To appoint, reappoint, or extend the following people to the task forces listed. 

Dry Needling Competency Update Task Force

  • David Bertone (NJ)
  • Michelle Finnegan (MD)
  • Sean Flannagan (AZ)
  • David Griswold (OH)
  • Oday Lavergne (LA)
  • Bobby Jean Lee (TX)
  • Cameron MacDonald (CO)
  • Ruth Maher (GA)
  • Ron Pavkovich (KY)
  • Gary Schindler (ND)
  • JJ Thomas (PA)

Continuing Competence Committee

  • Laurie Kendall-Ellis (MD)
  • Mary Elizabeth Parker (TX)

Ethics & Legislation Committee

  • Sherise Smith (NV)

Finance Committee

  • Steven Scherger (MN)
  • Geraldine Grzybek (PA)

Resolutions Committee

  • Malorie Novak (GA)

Board Liaisons to Jurisdictions

Members of the Board of Directors serve as liaisons to multiple jurisdictions. Current liaison relationships are listed here for your reference.

Tom Caldwell Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas

Ruggie Canizares Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, Utah

Ellen Donald Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina

Joni Kalis Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming

Nancy Kirsch Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont

Adrienne Price Delaware, District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia

David Relling Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands

John Young The public member of the board does not serve as a liaison to jurisdictions.

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Staff Contact Information
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