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No more faxing or emailing Group PEAT Purchase Registration Forms!

There are some exciting changes to the Group PEAT purchase process in the
school interface that are effective today. The Group PEAT process is now entirely

PEAT is FSBPT’s Practice Exam and Assessment Tool. It is a timed practice
examination with the look and feel of the PT and PTA National Physical Therapy
Examinations (NPTE).

  • A new Group PEAT button has been added to the FSBPT School Website homepage. Schools can now purchase PEAT for their students through the online purchase process.
  • Faculty can view the status of an existing purchase, including product keys issued and used.
  • Faculty can also view student score reports, both by content area and by system.
  • A 20% discount will be given for purchases of 10 or more.
  • Students get 2 practice exams with immediate score reporting. If your students had access to PEAT purchased between September 2012 and June 2014, one of these forms consists of items from the version of PEAT you already purchased.
  • The access period for PEAT is 60 days.
How it works
  • Schools can purchase multiple PEAT product keys (access to PEAT) and pay by credit card immediately or request to be invoiced.
  • After payment is received, the school will be emailed a list of their product keys and instructions which can be distributed to their students.
  • The View PEAT Status button allows users to view all Group PEAT purchase transactions including the number of product keys purchased, the number of product keys registered and the number of product keys used as well as the status of each transaction.
  • By clicking on an individual transaction number, faculty can view specific product key information by student name and confirm when each exam form is completed.

FSBPT School Website homepage location

Go to and click Educators Login in the upper right hand corner.

If you have any questions please contact the Federation at or by
phone at (703) 739-9420; press 3 for PEAT.
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