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Add a Payment

Pay the Balance of an Exam Registration

Add a Payment allows you to pay the balance of an existing registration by credit card through the Customer Dashboard.

Please note: Registrations and services will not be processed until all payments have been received.


Before You Proceed

Please read the information below before placing your order.

  • Pricing

    There is a 1.6% processing fee, rounded up to the next whole dollar, applied to each exam registration for which you are making a payment. This processing fee is in addition to the cost of the service requested.

  • What to Expect

    Your current list of exam registrations with outstanding balances will be displayed and you will be given the opportunity to select those registrations to which you wish to add a payment.

  • Precautions

    You must have previously registered for an exam with FSBPT to be able to add a payment to an existing service request online.

  • Next Steps

    Once an exam registration is paid in full, you may view the current status by going to your Customer Dashboard.

  • Requirements for processing

    You may pay by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover online.

  • Need Help?

    Contact FSBPT Exam Services at 703-739-9420 or email examregistration@fsbpt.org.