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Alternate Identification Number

Alternative to Social Security Number

If you are an exam candidate and cannot obtain a Social Security Number, you may request an Alternate Identification Number (AIN) from FSBPT. 


Before You Proceed

The issuance of an Alternate Identification Number (AIN) is solely for the purpose of registering for examinations or services through the FSBPT when a candidate cannot obtain a Social Security Number (SSN). The AIN is not a substitute for a Social Security Number for any other purpose.

Applicants should retain their AIN and use it on all correspondence, inquiries, or requests relating to their licensing examination or other FSBPT services. AIN applications will be processed within three business days of receipt. Candidates will be notified of their assigned AIN number and FSBPT ID by email upon issuance. You will use the FSBPT ID to set up your profile in our system.

Candidates who are issued an AIN and subsequently receive a SSN MUST contact FSBPT to have their records updated.

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