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NPTE Performance Feedback Report

Preparing to Retest

If you did not pass the NPTE® on your first attempt, you may wish to purchase a detailed Performance Feedback Report from FSBPT. This is a descriptive diagnostic score report available to all physical therapist (PT) and physical therapist assistant (PTA) candidates.


The report will present your score in three ways: by content area, by body system, and by section. The Professional Work Activities Report presents your exam performance on items grouped by work activities and treatment processes relative to your profession. The Body Systems Report presents your exam performance by major body systems. The Sections Scores report presents your performance by each section of the exam.

All three reports contain the following information.

  • Total Items: The total number of items pertaining to that topic or section.
  • # Items Correct: The number of items you answered correctly.
  • Percent Correct: The percentage of total items you answered correctly.

For the Professional Work Activities Report and Body Systems Report, your report will contain the above plus the following information.

  • Scale Score: This score represents your score in this area on the same scale as the total NPTE score. A score of 600 or greater means you were on track to pass in this area (note that you cannot pass an individual section).
  • Retake Range: This range of scores represents the range in which you are likely to score if you retake the NPTE, based on the fact that the next time you might get some items that you know better or others that you are less familiar with.
  • On Track to Pass Score—Number of Items Correct: The number of items you would need to get right in a section so that your score in this section would be consistent with a passing score. Although you can’t pass or fail a Content Area or Body System, we provide this number to let candidates know which areas they are weakest in, and about how many more items they need to get right in those areas to have a score that is consistent with passing the overall test. You can get fewer items correct than the On Track to Pass Score and still pass the overall test, but you would have to do better in other areas to make up for it.
  • On Track to Pass Score—Percent Correct: The percentage of items you would need in that area to be on track to pass.    

The report also contains a Retake Information section that provides information on how candidates who scored similarly to you did on their next attempt, and the proportion who passed on their next attempt.

Performance Feedback Reports are only available for NPTE administrations after January 1, 2013.

For more information about the report, visit the Performance Feedback Report Frequently Asked Questions.

For detailed guidance on how to use the report, visit Using Your Performance Feedback Report.


Before You Proceed

Please read the information below before placing your order.


Performance Feedback Report: $100.00. Please note that a 1.6% processing fee, rounded up to the nearest dollar, will apply.

What to Expect

Upon completion of an online request and payment in full, Performance Feedback Reports will be available for viewing and printing online on your Customer Dashboard.

You must have already tested to receive a Performance Feedback Report. It is recommended that you wait until you have received your results to request a Performance Feedback Report.

A Performance Feedback Report is NOT a Score Transfer. Licensing agencies will only accept an official FSBPT Score Transfer Report. Request a score transfer.

Refunds will not be given after a request for a Performance Feedback Report has been processed.

Next Steps

Normally reports will be available for viewing immediately after a completed request and payment. To determine if a report is available for viewing online go to your Customer Dashboard. If you have not been able to view your report online within within twenty-four (24) hours, please contact FSBPT at (703) 739-9420 and select Option 1.

Requirements for Purchasing

During this process, you will be asked to select a method of payment. You may pay by Visa, MasterCard, or Discover online.

Need Help?

Contact FSBPT Exam Services at 703-739-9420 or email examregistration@fsbpt.org.