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October 2021 PT and PTA Test Windows and Score Reporting Schedule

The NPTE administrations will take place as scheduled on October 6 (PTA) and October 27 (PT).

In order to help candidates who are unable to find a seat on these current October test dates, FSBPT added testing windows for the October exams. The window for the PTA exam will be October 7 – October 20 and the window for the PT exam will be October 28 – November 10. You are expected to test on the fixed dates and only use the window if you are unable to find a seat on the fixed dates. If you schedule in the testing window and there are seats available on October 6 or October 27, your appointment may be moved. If you cannot find a seat on the fixed date, it is in your best interest to schedule as early in the testing window as possible. This gives you flexibility if your appointment needs to be rescheduled for any reason.

FSBPT intends to report scores on the following schedule. This schedule may vary.

Test Date Test Date Planned Score
Release Date
Free Score
Report Available
PTA - Fixed Date 10/6 10/14 10/21
PTA Window 10/7-10/20 10/25 11/2
PT - Fixed Date 10/27 11/3 11/10
PT Window 10/28-11/10 11/16 11/24