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You asked, we answered

Below are a set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the practice exam and assessment tool (PEAT). We recommend that you review the FAQs before you order PEAT.


What do I get?

  • Two timed examinations. Each practice exam can be taken one time. Practice exam questions have been developed by experienced clinicians and item writers in the same format as the NPTE.
    • One retired NPTE form that will give you an estimated NPTE score based on previously used items.
    • One practice form that will give you an estimated NPTE score based on a score linking process. 
    • The ability to select timing options if you plan to take the NPTE with a timing accommodation.
    • The ability to mark items for later review.
    • The ability to strike through text (e.g., to eliminate incorrect response options).
    • The ability to pause your exam if you are interrupted or cannot take the exam in one sitting.
  • An immediate, online performance report that is very similar to the NPTE Performance Feedback Reports to see how well you did on the practice exam and to show you what you need to study.
    • The PEAT score report will also show the timing option you chose, and the total time spent on the exam.
  • Access to completed examinations in “study mode”, which provides:
    • Rationales explaining the reasons behind the correct answers;
    • References for further research;
    • The ability to review questions by right/wrong, marked/unmarked, content area, body system, or section; and
    • Data on how much time you spent on each item.
  • The option to start either exam first.
  • Supplemental materials to download and print. These are yours to keep. The supplemental materials include information about NPTE construction, tips on how to use the test blueprint and PEAT in your exam preparation, and more.
  • As much time as you need to review the supplemental materials; your access days are not counted until you log onto the first practice examination.
  • The ability to log on and off at will—the computer will remember your place.
  • The ability to print a certificate of completion if required by your school or jurisdiction.

*There are two versions of PEAT available for individual purchase. If you purchase PEAT a second time, you will get a different set of PEAT forms. Subsequent purchases will give you access to the PEAT version you purchased least recently.


What does my computer need to enable me to use PEAT?

  • You should use PEAT on the latest version of Edge, Firefox, or Chrome or Safari.
  • You must allow “pop ups.” If your device, internet service provider or web browser has a “pop up blocker”, you will need to disable it.


What are the costs associated with PEAT?

  • PT PEAT - $99 (90 day access)
  • PTA PEAT - $99 (90 day access)
  • Once you log onto the website and start your first practice exam, we cannot refund your money.

When you purchase PEAT you have access to download and print the supplemental materials free of charge.


Why should I use PEAT?

  • PEAT has been developed by the organization that administers the NPTE. What better source for a practice and assessment tool to help you prepare for this critical step on your career path?
  • Many of the questions on PEAT are actual retired NPTE items. PEAT will give you an estimate of your NPTE score if you had taken the NPTE on that day.
  • Practicing with a timed examination will help you learn how to pace yourself for the real NPTE.
  • PEAT provides you with a rationale for why the correct answer for each question is correct. Understanding the rationales is an important component of exam preparation.
  • Familiarizing yourself with the types of questions you will see is effective at reducing test anxiety.
  • If you are not familiar with taking a computer-based exam, PEAT mimics the NPTE structure very closely. It is set up with the same timing, number of questions, and number of sections as the NPTE. You can learn on PEAT so you will be comfortable when you take the NPTE.


How do I order PEAT?

  • Go to your Customer Dashboard to order online using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Discover).
  • Remember that the countdown on your access time does not begin until you start the first practice examination.