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School Report Subscriptions for Educators

Subscribe and compare programs

School reports contain aggregate statistics that allow you to compare your school's pass rates to aggregate statistics of other schools' pass rates.


Why school reports are valuable

You may use the reports to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your program and help improve the pass rates of your students. You can also use the reports to benchmark against the national average.


School report options

The Federation currently provides four school reports with varying amounts of detail:

  1. Basic report (Free): Includes two "Basic Reports" that are sent via email at specific intervals determined by the Federation. This report is available for the current year and it will include information for two prior years.
  2. Basic online report ($50): Includes one "Basic Report" that shows pass rates for most current graduating classes and two prior years. They include names of student in those graduating classes, although they do not include individual student’s scores on the NPTE. See a sample
  3. Enhanced report ($95): Includes one "Enhanced Report" that is in the same format as the Basic Reports but in addition, Enhanced Reports provide individual students’ scores on each attempt to pass the exam. See a sample
  4. Content area report ($95): Includes one "content breakdown report" that is available for graduating classes of 2003 until present. It compares your first time test takers to first time test takers from all U.S. CAPTE accredited schools during the same period on each area of the examination. See a sample

How to order

Ask your program director or administrator to go to the Educators login and click on School Reports to order school reports. You may also refer them to the school report FAQs below:


School Report FAQs

How do I find out my school code and password in order to log on?

If you have not yet placed an order or don’t know/don’t remember your school code and password, please send an email to schoolreports@fsbpt.org.

Can I pay with a purchase order?

The online system has two payment options; credit card or invoice. If you pay by credit card, your reports are available to be run the same day. If you prefer to have your institution send a check, you can choose to pay by invoice.

When you choose to pay by invoice, the last screen of the purchase process is the official invoice. The invoice can be printed and submitted to your accounts payable department so that a check can be issued and mailed to the Federation with the invoice. Please do not send a purchase order - use the invoice you printed at the time you registered online for your report.

What is the “My Students” listing?

The “My Students” listing is a critical component of the school report process. Immediately prior to running each report you should review “My Students” to verify that all the students on the listing did indeed graduate from your institution. If you find a student listed that did not graduate from your program, there is a link to “Request a Correction” for each graduating class on the "My Students" page. Remember to review the “My Students” listing prior to running every report.

Additionally, you can view the “My Students” listing to see how many candidates have tested (and when they tested) so that you can decide when the best time is to run your report. For instance, you probably would not want to run a report that includes candidates for 2012 if only a small portion of those candidates have tested.

Why do my reports expire after 30 days?

The Federation simply does not have the “storage space” to maintain all school reports for an unlimited period of time. Instead, you should print the reports or save them as Excel files on your own computers so that you have a permanent record.


Posted pass rates FAQs

When are pass rate data updated on FSBPT’s websites?

Pass rate data are updated quarterly on the following schedule:

  1. February 1
  2. May 1
  3. August 1
  4. November 1

When will the 2008-2010 ultimate pass rates be posted?

The 2008-2010 ultimate pass rates will be posted on May 1, 2012. The reason for this is that ultimate pass rates do not become stable until 15 months after graduation. This delay in reporting ensures that the Federation publishes stable data for all PT and PTA programs, including those with late graduation dates.

When will the 2011 pass rates (exam year, graduation year, rank order) be posted?

The 2011 pass rates will also be posted on May 1, 2012. This allows time for students of programs graduating late in the year to have taken the NPTE before the pass rates are posted.

When are exam year pass rates posted?

Exam years end on February 28th. Since updates are posted quarterly (see above), the first quarter the exam year pass rate can be published is May 1st.

Why do you post ultimate pass rates for individual programs and not first time pass rates on the public site?

The Board of Directors believe that first time pass rates can be misleading because there could be many factors that influence that short term indices whereas the ultimate pass rate would be more indicative of the school’s overall program.