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School Reports

Understand how your students perform

Why school reports are valuable

You may use the reports to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your program and help improve the pass rates of your students. You can also use the reports to benchmark against the national average.

School report options

The Federation currently provides four school reports with varying amounts of detail:

  1. Basic Pass Rate Report (Free):

    The Basic Pass Rate Report provides a report of the data provided to CAPTE relating to graduating class pass rates for the last three years. In addition, there is information about the mean NPTE® scale score for each class, a confidence interval for the mean, and the mean and standard deviation for all students from CAPTE institutions. Pass rates are provided for candidates’ first attempts as well as their ultimate pass rate. The report also includes a roster for each graduation year.  See a sample.

  2. Graduate Performance Report ($95):

    The Graduate Performance Report provides information on NPTE scores for each student in a graduating class for up to six NPTE attempts, including test dates, provided that they have authorized FSBPT to release their scores. See a sample.

  3. Content Area Report ($95):

    The Content Area Report includes the average score for one graduating class broken out by content areas and body systems from the NPTE content outline. The report also includes confidence intervals for the mean scores, and the mean and standard deviations for students from CAPTE institutions. The report presents this information in tables and box plot graphics. See a sample.

  4. Benchmarking Report ($125):

    The Benchmarking Report allows a school to select between five and ten schools that your school for comparison in terms of 1st time pass rates and content area scores. Comparison schools are reported in aggregate. This report allows your school to compare itself to a selection of schools to determine areas of relative strength and weakness for a given graduation year. Like the content area report, the Benchmarking Report presents this information in tables and box plot graphs See a sample.

  5. Academic PEAT® Score Report (Free with Academic PEAT purchase):

    The Academic PEAT Score Report is essentially the same as the Content Area Report, but for PEAT rather than the NPTE. The report also contains a listing of candidates included in the report, and individual PEAT exams can still be reviewed through the school interface. See a sample.

How to order

Ask your program director or administrator to go to the Educators login to access the free reports or to purchase school reports. You may also refer them to the school report FAQs below:

School Report FAQs

How do I find out my school code and password in order to log on?

If you have not yet placed an order or don’t know/don’t remember your school code and password, please send an email to

Can I pay with a purchase order?

The online system has two payment options; credit card or invoice. If you pay by credit card, your reports are available to be run the same day. If you prefer to have your institution send a check, you can choose to pay by invoice.

When you choose to pay by invoice, the last screen of the purchase process is the official invoice. The invoice can be printed and submitted to your accounts payable department so that a check can be issued and mailed to the Federation with the invoice. Please do not send a purchase order - use the invoice you printed at the time you ordered your report.

How often is the report data updated?

The Basic Pass Rate Report, Graduate Performance Report, and Content Area Report are run from a database that is updated eight times per year, after each NPTE exam date. Schools will be given an opportunity after each exam date to review and request changes to your student rosters before the data is finalized and new reports become available. It is very important to review your student rosters prior to the deadline so that any discrepancies can be resolved.

What is the “Manage My Students” listing?

The Manage My Students tab shows rosters of all your students in your most recent five graduating classes. There are two views: real time and report.

The real time view shows the most updated information we have in our system. If you request a change to your roster it will immediately be reflected in the real time list.

The report view shows the students that would be included if you ran a report today. Because report data is only updated after each exam, if you make a correction to your student roster after the deadline, the correction would not be reflected in the report view until the next scheduled update.

When does my report expire?

School report data is maintained for the most recent five calendar years of testing dates, along with the current partial testing year. Reports will also periodically update for a graduation year as new data becomes available. There is no need to purchase a new report if some of your students wait to take the NPTE.