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Spring 2010

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Mark Your Calendar

You will find a list of 2010 Federation board and committee meetings along with some external regulatory organizations’ meetings.

President’s Perspective

“Continuing the conversation on continuing competence”
Continuing competence has been and will continue to be a popular discussion topic of regulatory boards, professional associations and the public. We see more and more professions and jurisdictions take up and in some cases struggle with this complex issue.

Administrative Staff Corner

“Making Good Use of CBA Time and Increasing interaction within the CBA”
The 2009 CBA Forum meeting is the first I have attended and I must say I am most impressed with the level of involvement and interactions of CBA members.

Legal Notes

“Powers of Physical Therapy Boards”
This discussion deals with the subject of the powers of state physical therapy boards as delegated by the legislative body which created the board.

The State of the Jurisdictions

This column addresses the legislative and regulatory activity currently being addressed in various jurisdictions.

Security Watch

“Passwords – a Common Sense Approach”
As countless people were stranded throughout the world thanks to the volcanic ash floating miles above Europe, companies and organizations alike may have been feeling the strain of operating without some of their key personnel...

A Model for Continuing Competence

Federation volunteers and staff have been working steadily to fulfill the 2007 delegate assembly motion regarding continuing competence.

A Systematic Approach to Scope of Practice Decisions

Many state physical therapy boards have been approached for a judgment as to whether or not a certain intervention or procedure is within the scope of PT practice in that jurisdiction. Although well within the authority of the board to make these judgments, many do not have a systematic, repeatable procedure established to examine the scope of practice questions.

When PTs Take the PTA Exam

Through laws or regulations, most jurisdictions prohibit someone who is educated as a PT from taking the PTA exam. Still there are currently at least five jurisdictions that do not prohibit the practice. Are we ensuring public protection by taking either of these positions?

Eliminating the California Diversion Program

About two years ago, the California Medical Board, which licenses its physicians, decided to end its diversion program for substance-abusing physicians. That unanimous decision was set in motion by an extremely revealing 2004 audit of that program. I was part of the auditing team.

The Physical Therapy Investigative Process

As a former federal investigator, my background provided me with a systematic approach to investigations.