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CBA: We Are the Fifty-Three

Michelle Sigmund-Gaines, Director, Oregon Board of Physical Therapy; Director on the FSBPT Board of Directors


The 2023 CBA Forum was held in Jacksonville, Florida, on October 19 as part of the Annual Education Meeting. Administrative staff from twenty-six jurisdictions were able to attend in person this year, and they had the opportunity to participate in collaborative discussions, as well as attend the annual CBA business meeting. I'm pleased to report that Missy Anthony from Ohio has been elected as the new Chair of the Council. As your outgoing Chair, it is an honor to pass the baton to such capable hands. And speaking of capable leadership, Erin DeTomaso from Minnesota was elected as the Nominating Committee Member. Missy and Erin join Karen Gordon from Texas, the CBA Vice Chair, whose experience, guidance, and leadership skills made my service a delight. To put it differently, we can rest assured that we are in good hands. If you haven't had the chance to meet any of them yet, take note of their names. You can always seek their support or ask them to guide you toward relevant resources or other members who have dealt with—or are currently dealing with—similar questions or topics.

For those of you who haven’t yet had a chance to engage with the CBA membership, let me back up just a moment. The Council of Board Administrators (CBA) was established for a three-fold purpose: to connect, to learn, and to inform—all with the driving outcome of public protection. It is a sub-group within the FSBPT comprised of the administrative staff of member boards. It exists to create a forum for those of us who serve as public servants: those of us focused on the operation of the boards themselves. The CBA is our place to connect—with other jurisdictions and FSBPT staff; our place to learn—via access to relevant resources and tools; and the place where we can inform the future—where we bring forth topics for future meetings and future resources for the benefit not only of ourselves but for each other, which thereby furthers overall public protection.

We understand that many of you also work on boards across multiple professions, not just physical therapy. We appreciate the diverse backgrounds and experiences that they bring to the table. We strive to provide comprehensive resources and networking opportunities that can be useful beyond the scope of physical therapy regulation.

Serving as board staff in our various jurisdictions—with myriad organizational structures, statutes, rules, and governance differences—it's often easy to feel like an agency of one. However, one of the greatest values of membership in FSBPT is that we are made stronger together. We are not only that single, unique board in our own jurisdiction. We are the fifty-three.

Okay, but how? Here are a few examples and some actions you can take right now.

Action Items

  • Contact Your CBA leadership. Let them know what you need from the CBA. At the 2023 CBA Forum and through surveys and other discussions throughout the year, we’ve been gathering your feedback to provide to the FSBPT Board to inform strategic planning and future offerings. If you haven't had a chance to add your voice, reach out now.

  • Post on the CBA Message Board. Ask questions or post polls for other jurisdictions directly via the CBA Group. While we can reach out to our neighbor states or current contacts, in my experience, it is not uncommon for another jurisdiction that you wouldn't think of to have the same issues. Posting to the group is a great way to cast a wider net and get valuable insight. (To access the group, log in to the FSBPT Member Portal, click on “Groups,” and toggle to “My Groups.”)

  • Use the Licensure Reference Guide. Did you know FSBPT has a reference guide that contains information on key practices and requirements for all jurisdictions? It's a great place to start to see who is on what renewal cycle or who currently has what requirements for re-entry. The guide provides summaries and links to the relevant laws in each jurisdiction. And, hand-in-hand with that, if you see something out of date for your jurisdiction, say something.

  • Spread the Word About Resources and Webinars in Your Jurisdiction. FSBPT resources and webinars can be helpful for all staff, not just the head administrator. Be sure to share with other staff, such as your licensing staff and investigators, even if those personnel are in other departments, and encourage them to connect with their counterparts in other jurisdictions as well. And remember that many webinars are available after the fact. (To access the resources and webinars, log in to the FSBPT Member Portal. Click on “Events” for upcoming webinars. Click on “Member Resources” to access recorded webinars and other resources.)

  • Reach Out to Your FSBPT Board Liaison. Remember that each jurisdiction has an FSBPT board of director assigned to them for the purpose of support and facilitation. Do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or to share what issues you may be facing. Your liaison can help identify and leverage FSBPT resources, provide presentations for or at your board meetings, and facilitate getting you connected with other jurisdictions or external resources that may be helpful.

As board staff, we are not alone in our efforts, and we can benefit from the resources, tools, and support provided by the CBA and FSBPT. We are the fifty-three, and together, we can make a difference.