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Pass Rate Reports

Three ways to review pass rates

FSBPT posts pass rate information for the national physical therapy exam (NPTE®). The posted pass rates show the overall performance of NPTE candidates in three broad categories:


  • Exam year reports

    These reports are for an exam year – the time period in which a particular form is used. An exam year is approximately 12 months and now runs from January to December.

  • Graduation year reports

    These reports provide results for students who graduated in a given calendar year and took the exam. The reports do not consider in what year a student tested, only in what year the student graduated.

  • Two-year ultimate pass rate by school

    These reports provide the two-year average of students in a graduation class that took the NPTE and passed, no matter how many attempts it took.


School reports

FSBPT also offers school reports for educators. They can use the reports to compare pass rates for their school program with pass rates of other school programs.


Posted pass rates FAQs

When are exam year pass rates posted?

Exam years end on December 31st. Since updates are posted quarterly (see above), the first quarter the exam year pass rate can be published is May 1st.

Why do you post ultimate pass rates for individual programs and not first time pass rates on the public site?

The Board of Directors believe that first time pass rates can be misleading because there could be many factors that influence short term indices whereas the ultimate pass rate would be more indicative of the school’s overall performance.