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FSBPT Forum - 2023

Volume 38

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  • CBA: We Are the Fifty-Three
    Michelle Sigmund-Gaines, Director, Oregon Board of Physical Therapy; Director on the FSBPT Board of Directors
  • Consumer Protection Rating: How the ELDD can Protect the Public
    The ELDD is a comprehensive physical therapy database of disciplinary, licensure, and examination score information. The information stored in this database helps jurisdictions in multiple ways. This article is based on a 2022 Annual Education Meeting presentation by Charles Harvey, Corie Tillman Wolf, and Jason Kaiser.
  • Model Practice Act: Reviewed, Revised, and Ready for Action
    The world of physical therapy is evolving, and statutory language must keep up. The Ethics and Legislation Committee regularly reviews and revises the Model Practice Act, and the seventh edition has been approved by the Board of Directors and published in January 2023. This article is based on a presentation at the 2022 Annual Education Meeting presented by Craig Miller and Sherise Smith.
  • AI, ChatGPT, and Licensing Exams
    Claims that artificial intelligence (AI) systems have passed some licensure exams have raised concerns about exam validity and test security. However, doubts remain over how AI systems were used in these exams and the extent to which researchers had to use judgment to identify correct versus incorrect responses. This article is by Lorin Mueller, FSBPT Managing Director of Assessment.
  • Revised Model Practice Act: Spotlight on Animal Physical Therapy
    The revised seventh edition of the Model Practice Act includes information and guidance on animal physical therapy and offers appropriate legislative language to reflect an emerging practice area. This article is by Kirk Peck, Vice Chair of the Nebraska Board of Physical Therapy.
  • Enhancing Healthy Practice through Self-Reflection: The Next Steps for Continuing Competence
    FSBPT’s Continuing Competence Committee has been progressing on a journey to improve healthy practice to facilitate safe and effective patient care. The committee has been working with researchers from Colorado State University to draft a Healthy Practice Resource. This article is based on a 2022 Annual Education Meeting presentation by Alyssa Mitchell Gibbons, Anne Thompson, and Gwenith Fisher.