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FSBPT Forum - 2020

Volume 35, Number 1

Articles in this Issue

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  • Overcoming Barriers to Participation in the ELDD
    The Exam Licensure and Disciplinary Database is a valuable resource for member boards to ensure public protection and it is important to use creative solutions to overcome the barriers to participation. This article is based on a presentation by Seif A. Mahmoud at the 2019 FSBPT Annual Meeting.
  • Setting the BAR: The Board self-Assessment Resource
    The Board Assessment Task Force created a new tool that will help boards conduct a self-assessment and provide resources to improve performance and advance their missions. This article is based on a presentation by Michelle Sigmund-Gaines and Charlotte Martin at the 2019 FSBPT Annual Meeting as well as a May 2020 webinar by Leslie Adrian.
  • An Impossible Dream? Practice Advice in Physical Therapy Regulation
    The role of a Practice Advisor is sometimes misunderstood, but they serve an important function and the information they glean from close contact with registrants can help inform regulatory activities. This article is a summary of a presentation by Leanne Loranger and Susan Paul at the 2019 FSBPT Annual Meeting.