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Remediation Resources

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This report originally presented to the 2008 Delegate Assembly and updated in 2021 provides detailed information on both ethics remediation courses specifically for physical therapy providers and general ethics remediation courses available to jurisdictions. This resource is useful for jurisdictions that use ethics courses for continuing education or remediation as part of a disciplinary action. The report also provides information on enhanced ethics remediation options as well asc assessment, compliance, and monitoring services.


More tools

Below are more tools that we have developed for state licensing authorities in the regulation of physical therapy.

  • Coursework Tools (CWT)

    Find out how coursework tools are used to evaluate non-U.S. candidates.

  • Legislative tracking tool

    Track legislative issues important to your state.

  • Licensure Portability Resource Guide

    Potential ways to improve licensure portability.

  • Licensure reference guide

    Compare the requirements of various jurisdictions.

  • Model practice act

    Read about the most effective tool for modernizing physical therapy practice acts.

  • Minimum Data Set

    The MDS will allow physical therapy to answer questions that will determine, among others, the number of providers; the race and sex of these individuals; and the facilities and geographic location in which services are provided.

  • NPDB Basis for Action

    Learn about this alert mechanism for sanctioned individuals.

  • Scope of practice

    Use this tool to help you make decisions about the physical therapy scope of practice in your state.

  • Telehealth in Physical Therapy

    The purpose of this document is to provide information and general guidance to physical therapy jurisdictional authorities for regulating the use of telehealth technologies in the practice of physical therapy.