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Model Practice Act

Modernizing the physical therapy practice acts

The Model Practice Act (MPA) is the preeminent standard and most effective tool available for revising and modernizing physical therapy practice acts. The continuing movement to update physical therapy practice acts helps ensure that these documents provide the legal authority to fully protect the public while allowing for the effective regulation of the profession. The legislative language presented in the Model Practice Act is provided to state legislatures and members of the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy as a resource; actual legislative language will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.


This Seventh Edition:

  • Explicitly includes telehealth
  • Adds “physio” to the list of protected terms
  • Allows for providing physical therapy for animals when PT/PTA has the required education and training
  • Clearly states the Board is authorized to file complaints against licensees when it has knowledge of the individual engaging in unlawful or unlicensed practice

There are many more revisions to make the MPA align with contemporary practice.


We appreciate your feedback

The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy welcomes recommendations relative to any aspect of The Model Practice Act for Physical Therapy: A Tool for Public Protection and Legislative Change.

Email recommendations to

Recommendations may be sent to the Federation for consideration in later revisions that will be initiated by the Ethics and Legislation Committee. The committee remains a continuing resource for any jurisdiction contemplating practice act changes. The Federation invites your use of this Model Practice Act for Physical Therapy and pledges its resources for your ongoing support.


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