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Rescheduling, Withdrawing, and No-Shows

Rescheduling a Prometric Appointment

Once you have scheduled a testing appointment with Prometric, you can change your exam location, depending on availability, by contacting Prometric. You can only reschedule your exam appointment within the same testing window. Rescheduling fees apply and are calculated based on how far in advance of the exam date you are requesting to reschedule:

Days before Cancellation/Rescheduling


30+ days before scheduled exam

No Charge

5–29 days before scheduled exam


Less than 5 days before scheduled exam

Full Sitting Fee

Canceling a Prometric Appointment

If you no longer wish to test in a specific testing window, you have the option to cancel your appointment with Prometric. It is not possible to reschedule from one testing window to a future testing window. All cancellations must be done with Prometric. You may be eligible for a refund of some or all of your scheduling fee (see the Prometric fee schedule above).

Canceling your testing appointment with Prometric does not automatically cancel your exam registration in FSBPT’s system. You must take the additional step of withdrawing from the exam (see below) no later than the end of the exam window. If you do not withdraw from the exam, you will forfeit your full registration fee.

Withdrawing from an Exam

You can withdraw from an exam from within your FSBPT account by clicking on “Withdraw from an Exam” in the Services menu. You will be given the option to request a refund or to apply the exam fee to a future exam registration. Regardless of your decision, a processing fee will apply as shown below:

If you withdraw from an exam…

The processing fee is…

30 days or more before exam day


Fewer than 30 days before exam day


You can withdraw from an exam up until the end of the testing window. After that date, you will no longer be able to withdraw from the exam, and you will forfeit all of your exam fees.


If you do not appear for your scheduled exam appointment, or if you are not allowed to test due to lack of qualifying ID, you will be marked as a “no-show” in Prometric’s system and no scores will be generated. You will forfeit all of the exam fees paid to Prometric; however, you are able to withdraw from the exam and secure a partial refund of your registration fee as long as you withdraw by the end of the testing window (see above).

No-shows do not count against your annual or lifetime testing limits.