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Impaired Practitioners

FSBPT has created and curated resources relating to impairment of practice/work of interest to physical therapy regulatory boards.



  • Impaired Practitioner Key Recommendations Checklist

    This easy-to-use checklist of key recommendations for best practice and suggested action items, along with supporting resources and templates, is based on the work of the FSBPT Impaired Practitioner Task Force and Ethics and Legislation Committee.

  • Impaired Practitioner: Educational Resources & Examples  

    A collection of useful sources for model language, programs, and outreach, as well as educational materials and self-assessments.

  • Professional Issues with a PT Practitioner Who May Have a Substance Use Disorder

    There are risk factors associated with the development of a Substance Use Disorder (SUD). This webinar looked at signs and symptoms and possible legal and licensing consequences as well as the structural processes for a return to practice with the accountability of the licensee to the Board.

  • Challenges for Healthcare Professionals: Management of Substance Use Disorders

    The substance use overdose epidemic continues to worsen. We have failed to slow the spread of this complex disease. Many factors contribute to our current state of affairs. Although stigma is our primary barrier, there are other challenges faced across all aspects of healthcare. This presentation highlighted some of those key issues, with a focus on how we can collaboratively overcome them.