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Reentry of Physical Therapy Providers

 The following resources may assist jurisdictions as they determine the risk to the public and the requirements for relicensing individuals who have had a period of professional disuse as a provider of physical therapy services.

  • Reentering Physical Therapy Providers: Structured Learning Options (2022)

    This report focuses on what is necessary for the reentering physical therapist or physical therapist assistant to relearn to competently return to practice/work and suggestions of structured learning activities as to means to review/relearn the critical work activity (CWA).

  • Competence in Physical Therapy: A Framework for Understanding Effects of Disuse on Physical Therapy Performance (2021) 

    The Healthcare Regulatory Research Institute contracted with a cognitive psychologist to develop this report whose main area of research is the development of expertise and skill in complex domains. Subject-matter experts classified Physical Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant critical work activities in terms of the type of task/activity and type of ability required. The critical work activities were then rated for the expected rate of loss due to disuse and how quickly minimal competence can be regained. The results provide a scientific basis for policy recommendations concerning retraining after a period of disuse.

  • Reentry of Physical Therapy Providers: A Resource for Regulatory Boards (2016)

    The intent of this resource is to: 1) outline and describe current definitions and requirements for reentry for PT providers in the United States 2) provide a review of models for reentry in other professions 3) provide an international perspective of reentry for health care professions and 4) provide considerations for jurisdictions regarding current reentry requirements.