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Reentry of Physical Therapy Providers

A Resource for Regulatory Boards

For many different reasons, physical therapists and physical therapist assistants (PT providers) may voluntarily choose to take an extended absence from active practice lasting weeks, months, or even years. The provider may or may not have maintained active licensure during the absence from practice. However at some point, some of these same PT providers choose to return to, or reenter, the workforce. The definition of reentry for this resource is a return to practice or work for which one has been licensed or certified following an extended period of absence not resulting from discipline. However, the requirements to reenter the workforce as a PT provider vary significantly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

The intent of this resource is to: 1) outline and describe current definitions and requirements for reentry for PT providers in the United States 2) provide a review of models for reentry in other professions 3) provide an international perspective of reentry for health care professions and 4) provide considerations for jurisdictions regarding current reentry requirements.

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