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The CBA Forum: An Inspired Study for Change

Adrienne Price, Director, Georgia State Board of Physical Therapy; Director on the FSBPT Board of Directors


In the words of Woodrow Wilson, twenty-eighth President of the United States of America, “It is the object of administrative study to discover, first, what government can properly and successfully do, and, secondly, how it can do these proper things with the utmost possible efficiency and the least possible cost either of money or energy.” I find this statement to be most applicable to what occurs during the Council of Board Administrators (CBA) Forum at the Annual Meeting of the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT).

The CBA Forum is an administrative study in leadership, supports, and, most importantly, change. How, you might ask? I find that it serves as a wonderful networking opportunity and allows for a positive exchange of information and ideas amongst a group of individuals with similar interests. In addition, the CBA Forum allows administrators to discuss and discover a myriad of ways to make a significant impact on our various stakeholders simply through the provision of leadership, resources, and supports to the boards.

The ultimate goal of the CBA forum is to provide a wealth of access to networks and strategic dialogue amongst peers by creating an environment of premier professional development. I firmly believe that the CBA Forum achieved that goal this year. After a heartfelt welcome was extended, all attendees were encouraged to immerse themselves in the experience so that they could therefore realize the tangible benefits of remaining active and engaged in the forum and FSBPT. A special acknowledgement was conveyed to the first time attendees with offerings of sincere appreciation for their opting to join the forum for the first time.

There was no shortage of intentional and relevant dialogue to advance our thinking. During the forum, administrators were presented with information from task forces and work groups that FSBPT formed in response to ideas and discussions that took place at past CBA forums. The Board Assessment Task Force, the Transition Planning Task Force, and the Re-entry to Practice Work Group provided practical, relevant, valuable, innovative, and adaptable information and materials. Participants shared several new and exciting achievements that took place within their jurisdictions; highlighted any changes in statutes, rules, and regulations; and engaged in real-time discussions about matters within their jurisdictions that have created a cause for concern. It was an amazing environment for fostering a spirit of continuous improvement, best practice sharing, and the use of practical applications to address challenges faced by administrators and member boards in all states, jurisdictions, and territories.

When the last presentation was offered and the final remarks fell from the air, the CBA Forum left me with the distinct, indelible, and remarkable impression that CBA members continue to be an integral part of FSBPT and the CBA Forum continues to be an inspiration for global change. I sincerely hope that it did the same for others. If you are an administrator who was not able to attend this year, it is highly recommended that you consider joining us next year to get inspired! For the inspired change of a few CBA members will contribute to a more successful, collaborative, and efficient future of many in the regulation of physical therapy.



Adrienne D. Price RN, BA, MSN, obtained her associates of science in nursing from Macon State College, her bachelor of arts degree from Mercer University, and her masters of science in nursing from the University of Phoenix. As a registered nurse, she practiced in a number of different health care settings including obstetrics, gynecology, hospice and palliative care, pediatrics with a concentration in developmental disabilities, public health, and nursing regulation as a Legal and Disciplinary Nurse Consultant. The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) appointed her as the Promising Practice Consultant for Discipline on the Committee for the Commitment to Ongoing Regulatory Excellence (CORE). She was also a member of the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators (NADDI). In 2013 she was instrumental in the development, editing, and the selection of content for the board of nursing’s quarterly magazine, The Georgian Nurse. She also served on the County Health Emergency Assistance Resource Team (CHEART), an affiliate of the Public Health Task Force for the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) in the North Central Health District. Adrienne has been with the Professional Licensing Boards Division of the Georgia Office of Secretary of State for twelve years and has served in her present role as the Executive Director of seven licensing boards, including the Georgia State Board of Physical Therapy, for five years. She has been involved with the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy as a member of the FSBPT Membership Survey Task Force, a member of the FSBPT Resolutions Committee, the Chair of the FSBPT Re-entry to Practice Task Force, and an awardee of the FSBPT Outstanding Service Award in 2018.

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