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After Test Day

How do I receive my exam results?

Your pass/fail results will be posted to your FSBPT dashboard approximately five business days after your exam window ends. The results will be sent to your jurisdiction at the same time; no further action is required to send your scores to the jurisdiction you selected when you registered for the exam.

Your free score report, which includes your numerical scaled score, will be posted to your dashboard ten business days following your exam date. This report can be accessed for free for thirty days. We recommend saving this report for your records. After thirty days, you can access your score report by purchasing an Individual Score Report.

The free score report posted to your dashboard includes only your scaled score and pass/fail status. If you would like additional diagnostic feedback on your exam performance, you may purchase a Performance Feedback Report. This report provides detailed diagnostics on your performance and is broken down by content area, body system, and section.

I passed my exam! How to complete the licensure process.

If you passed your exam, congratulations! Your score will be sent automatically and electronically to the jurisdiction you selected during registration. Make sure to contact your jurisdiction directly to complete the licensure process. Jurisdiction contact information is available on the FSBPT website.

What if I want to be licensed in another jurisdiction?

Your scores are automatically reported to the jurisdiction you designated when you registered for the NPTE. If you need to send your scores to another jurisdiction, you can do so any time after your score is released by logging in to your FSBPT dashboard and clicking on “Score Transfer to State.” Score transfers are electronic and immediate, though it may take some time for the jurisdiction to access your score. A $90 fee applies to all score transfer requests. Please ensure that you submit a licensure application to the jurisdiction.

Another option to consider is getting a compact privilege. If your permanent residence is in an active compact state, you have a license in that state, AND the new state is also an active compact jurisdiction, you would be eligible for a compact privilege. Compact privilege holders have the same abilities as license holders but are able to take advantage of a streamlined purchase experience. Compact privileges are issued at the time they are applied for through the PT Compact Commission. Visit the PT Compact website for more information and to view the list active compact states.

I didn’t pass. How do I test again?

As long as you have not reached a testing attempt limit, you will be able to register for another exam approximately 15 days following your unsuccessful attempt. All standard registration policies, deadlines, and fees apply to your next registration.