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Exam Registration and Scheduling

I’m close to graduation. What steps do I need to take?

Your Journey Map

The best first step in the exam registration process is to access and review your personalized Journey Map. This feature details the major milestones you will come across when you register to take the NPTE. Each test taker’s path through the NPTE registration process may differ depending on your educational background and the jurisdiction where you would like to practice. Journey maps help you navigate the process, guiding you through each step along the way.

How do I get an FSBPT Account?
If you are graduating from a CAPTE-accredited program, your school will create your FSBPT profile for you. You will receive an email confirming your account creation and requesting that you complete your FSBPT profile. You must complete your profile before you are able to access FSBPT exams and services.

If you graduated from a program that is not accredited by CAPTE, you will need to request that an FSBPT profile be created on your behalf. To do so, go to the Customer Login page and complete the survey linked on the right side of the page. If you do not have a Social Security Number, an Alternate ID number will be assigned to you after you complete the survey. Allow three business days for creation of your account.

How do I register for the NPTE?

If you attend a CAPTE-accredited program, your school needs to validate that you are on track to graduate prior to your graduation date. You will not be able to register for the NPTE prior to having your graduation validated by your school. FSBPT allows candidates to sit for the NPTE up to ninety days prior to their graduation date; however, jurisdictions may have more restrictive policies. For more information, contact your jurisdiction directly. You can also consult FSBPT’s Licensure Reference Guide.

If you did not attend a CAPTE-accredited program, you will be able to register for an exam at any time. Please note that every jurisdiction must approve candidates who did not attend a CAPTE-accredited program to take the exam. Please contact your jurisdiction before registering for more information about the necessary requirements to be approved for the NPTE.

Register for the NPTE by logging in to your FSBPT dashboard and clicking the “NPTE” button in the green “Services” area of the screen. Carefully read the information on each screen before continuing. On the final screen, you will be asked to pay the $485 exam fee using a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit or debit card.

I registered for the NPTE. How do I get approved to take the exam?

Once you register for the NPTE, you will need to be approved for the exam. This map shows which jurisdictions are Alternate Approval Pathway (AAP) jurisdictions. AAP means that the jurisdiction allows CAPTE-accredited graduates to be approved for the NPTE by FSBPT. If your jurisdiction is green, you will be approved for the NPTE by FSBPT. Please note that you will still need to submit a licensure application and all necessary supporting documentation to your jurisdiction in order to become licensed.

If your jurisdiction is gray or if you did not attend a CAPTE-accredited school, the jurisdiction will need to approve you for the exam. This process differs by state, so it is important to understand your jurisdiction’s policies and licensing requirements. Jurisdictions often require a licensure application, supporting academic records, an application fee, and/or other documentation before they make their candidates eligible for the NPTE. It is your responsibility to ensure that your jurisdiction has all necessary information to approve you for the exam.

You must be approved for the exam prior to the Jurisdiction Approval Deadline, which is approximately seven days after the registration and payment deadline. If you are not made eligible by this deadline, your registration will be closed, and your exam fee will be refunded, minus a $50 processing fee.

Important Note: If you have registered for the NPTE but have not yet been approved for the exam, contact your jurisdiction directly to determine what additional information is necessary to be made eligible.

What is the process if I need testing accommodations?

FSBPT offers reasonable testing accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to candidates who have a recognized disability or impairment and who demonstrate that accommodations are necessary to access the NPTE. To request testing accommodations, make sure to indicate that you have a disability covered by the ADA when you register for the NPTE.

The process for submitting an application for testing accommodations depends on where you are seeking licensure. Please visit our Testing Accommodations webpage for more detailed information.

When will I receive my Authorization to Test (ATT) letter?

Once you have been approved for the NPTE and your request for accommodations has been reviewed (if applicable), you will receive an Authorization to Test (ATT) letter via email. You can also access this letter within your FSBPT dashboard by clicking on the “Status of my Request” link in the Services menu. The ATT letter is emailed to you within two business days of you being approved for the exam.

When you receive your ATT letter, take a few minutes to review it carefully. The ATT letter includes instructions on how to schedule your testing appointment, the exam fee you will pay to Prometric, and your name as it exists in Prometric’s registration system. Make sure your first and last names exactly match your name on the IDs you will be presenting on test day. If the names do not match, update your name in your FSBPT profile. If you have any doubts about the information contained in your ATT letter, contact FSBPT Exam Services well in advance of test day.

How do I schedule my exam?

You can schedule your exam appointment with Prometric online or over the phone. Most registrations with testing accommodations can now be scheduled online. If you are unable to schedule with your accommodations online, please call Prometric. Both the website and phone number can be found on your ATT letter. Prometric’s exam fees are due when you schedule your appointment and are payable with a Visa or MasterCard or by direct debit to a checking account. The fees for Prometric are:


Prometric Fee

Physical Therapist


Physical Therapist Assistant




Prometric testing centers fill up quickly, so it is critical to schedule as soon as possible after receiving your ATT letter. If your preferred testing center is not available on your exam dates, you may need to schedule your exam at a different location. You can continue to check Prometric’s real-time seating availability using their website in case a seat in a more convenient location becomes available, but there is no guarantee this will be the case.

In very rare instances, candidates may not be able to find a seat within 250 miles of their preferred location. If you are unable to find a seat within this radius, please contact FSBPT Exam Services for additional assistance. If an Exam Services agent cannot find you a seat within this radius and you decide to withdraw from your exam, FSBPT will waive the standard processing fee.