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NPTE Quarterly Faculty Newsletter Volume 12; No. 1

First Quarter 2015

The mission of the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy is to protect the public by providing service and leadership that promote safe and competent physical therapy practice.

The NPTE Quarterly Faculty Newsletter is published by the Federation (FSBPT) as one mechanism to communicate with educators in PT and PTA programs. This effort to provide ongoing communication includes current information and updates on the NPTE as well as information on other regulatory issues that might impact or be of interest to program educators.

Please share this newsletter with other PT or PTA educators.

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Table of Contents

Revised FSBPT School Interface

Have you visited the new, improved (yes, really!) school website? This area allows program directors and administrators to view school reports and candidate rosters, purchase school reports, purchase group PEAT and manage group PEAT product keys.

We incorporated a substantial number of suggestions for improvement from you, the users, in our redesign. We also updated the reports so that they are more useful and easier to read.

You can view a presentation covering the changes to the school interface here:

Sign up for the November 13-15 NPTE Workshop for Educators

Why do educators attend? Because they learn: 

  • How to write better multiple-choice questions for their exams that follow the same format as the NPTE 
  • How to statistically analyze test questions to determine if they are good questions
  • How the NPTE is developed from content outline through scoring
  • How to prepare students for the test administration experience
  • How to interpret and effectively use school pass rate report

To sign up or obtain more information, click Educators on the blue ribbon and click Educators Workshops.

FSBPT at APTA NEXT 2015 Conference

Volunteers and staff of FSBPT will participate in the APTA NEXT 2015 Conference June 3-5 in National Harbor, Maryland by staffing a booth in the Exhibit Hall.

We will share information with students and faculty members about the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE), the Practice Examination & Assessment Tool (PEAT) and other NPTE resources.

Additionally, FSBPT will distribute information on aPTitude, the online continuing competence management system; continuing competence activity certification through ProCert; the Practice Review Tool (PRT); physical therapy practice and professional standards; volunteer opportunities and a multitude of other regulatory resources.

If you will be attending NEXT, please stop by our booth for the latest information on all things NPTE and encourage your students in attendance to bring us their questions.

This Quarter’s Question: How do I stay informed on how and when to review my roster on the new school interface?

Reports updated after each NPTE exam
Since reports are now updated after each NPTE exam, you should review your student roster before an upcoming NPTE examination. This way, any discrepancies can be resolved before the report is generated. 

We will help you remember when to review your student roster
Before each NPTE exam, FSBPT will send you a reminder email. This email will include information such as the deadline to make roster changes for the report cycle and when updated report data is expected to be available. 

Manage My Students
Review your student roster under “Manage My Students” on the School Interface so that any discrepancies can be resolved. 

Update Profile
We use the contact information in “Update Profile” to send you reminder emails and other correspondence. Be sure to check your contact information under “Update Profile” so that you receive our communications. 

For questions, email

What Students Need to Know

How do I get a better understanding of the topics that comprise the NPTE Content Outline?
The NPTE Content Outlines provide a high-level overview of the topics. For educators and students who want more detail on what comprise the categories in the content outlines, FSBPT provides the entire 2011 practice analysis reports on our website at: 

There is a practice analysis report for each NPTE level: PT and PTA. Pay special attention to three parts of the report. 

  • Appendix F: Final List of Critical Work Activities 
  • Appendix G: Final List of Critical Knowledge to be Included on the NPTE 
  • Appendix I: Descriptions of Final Test Blueprint Categories

Those areas show what an entry-level candidate must be able to do (Appendix F), what they must know (Appendix G), and how those concepts fit together (Appendix I).