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Faculty Newsletter: First Quarter 2024

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The PT Compact Education Module

Do your students have questions about the PT Compact that you feel ill-equipped to answer? How confident are you teaching about the PT Compact, a major policy initiative that will impact careers? If you have been avoiding adding the PT Compact to your curriculum due to a lack of knowledge, there is a new, free resource! The PT Compact Education Module has been developed by educators for educators. The module includes objectives, PowerPoints, video presentations, case studies, frequently asked questions, and learning activities.

Learn how you can access the Education Module and register for an upcoming webinar covering the tool to learn more!


Introducing Students to the PT Compact: A Module for Educators
March 28 | 4:00-5:00 p.m. ET
Speakers: Catherine Ortega, Sara Maher, and Tarang Jain

The PT Compact’s Education Module Task Force has created an evidence-based educational module that is turn-key and ready to use in the classroom. The module is available for PT/PTA programs to use today. This webinar will highlight how to use the module in your classroom to better prepare your students for licensure mobility.

Registration Instructions:

  • Login to the FSBPT Portal (Note: this is different than your Educator's login.)
  • Once you are on the portal, select "Events"
  • Click on the webinar you'd like to register for
  • Follow the registration process
  • If you have difficulties registering, please contact communications@fsbpt.org.

AAPT and FSBPT Item Writing Workshop

FSBPT and the American Academy of Physical Therapy (AAPT) are strengthening their partnership in multiple ways, including hosting a joint item writing workshop in Washington, DC, September 17–18, 2024.

AAPT is an organization with a mission to help poor and disadvantaged African Americans and other minorities by promoting innovative programs in health promotion, health delivery systems, and disease prevention. They encourage minority students to pursue careers in allied health professions and carry out clinical research directly related to health conditions found within minority communities. The workshop precedes their annual conference.

If you are planning on attending AAPT’s annual conference and would like to apply for the workshop associated with it, please complete this application. In addition to completing the online application, a copy of your resume or CV must be submitted to volunteer@fsbpt.org; please reference the AAPT Pre-Conference Item Writing Workshop in the subject line.

By working together, FSBPT and AAPT can create a more equitable and representative physical therapy profession, ultimately improving the health and well-being of all communities and advancing public protection.

This Quarter's Question: Where Can I Find FSBPT Resources Quickly?

 FSBPT has created a new quick link to help educators and students access what they need quickly. Please share www.fsbpt.org/resources with your students and colleagues.

For a more comprehensive and searchable directory of webinar recordings, articles, and other resources, you can set up a free account in the FSBPT Portal to access the Community Resources Directory. (Note: this is different than your Educator's login.)

What Students Need to Know: PEAT Reflects the New 2024 NPTE Content Outlines

On October 11, 2023, the Practice Exam and Assessment Tool (PEAT) changed to reflect the 2024 NPTE Content Outlines and new NPTE format. For any PEAT subscription that started prior to October 11, 2023, both PEAT forms will be in the 2023 NPTE format.
For any PEAT subscription that started on or after October 11, 2023, both PEAT forms will be in the 2024 NPTE format.

The PT and PTA content outlines that became effective in January 2024 include the addition of scenario-based questions, as well as a corresponding decrease in the overall number of questions:

  • PT PEAT now has five sections of forty-five questions each (225 total questions).
  • PTA PEAT now has four sections of forty-five questions each (180 total questions).

What else should students know:

  • Most questions on each PEAT form have not changed. We have reduced the number of questions by 10% and added scenario-based questions. If a student has recently taken PEAT, there is no need to purchase another version.
  • We expect that recent PEAT scores will still be an excellent indicator of how well-prepared candidates are for the NPTE. The changes to the PEAT exam are not expected to change a candidate’s score substantially.
  • Candidates who have taken PEAT recently and want to become familiar with scenario questions do not need to purchase a new PEAT. They can use the free NPTE Demo (www.fsbpt.org/demoexam) to see scenario examples.

Please contact peat@fsbpt.org if you have any questions.

Get Involved: Learn, Grow, Write—Be an NPTE Item Writer!

Item writing for the NPTE is a great way to gain expertise in crafting multiple-choice questions, share your knowledge of the profession, work with and learn from colleagues, and have fun!

The following workshops are scheduled for 2024:


  • August 9-11, 2024, Alexandria, Virginia, Hybrid


If you or someone you know would like to participate in an Item Writing Workshop, learn more and apply or send an inquiry to volunteer@fsbpt.org.

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