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Faculty Newsletter: First Quarter 2023

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PT Compact Education Module

Do your students have questions about the PT Compact and you feel ill equipped to answer? How confident are you teaching about the PT Compact, a major policy initiative, that will impact careers? If you have been avoiding adding the PT Compact to your curriculum due to a lack of knowledge, there is a resource on the way. The PT Compact Education Module has been developed by educators for educators. Piloted in three different academic programs, this module is a complete tool ready for use. The module includes objectives, PowerPoints, video presentations, case studies, frequently asked questions, and learning activities.

Plan to attend an FSBPT-hosted webinar with the module development team at 7:00 p.m. ET on June 14, 2023, to get more information. To register, please follow these steps:

  • Login to the FSBPT Portal
  • (Note, this is different than your educator login. You may need to create a new account.)
  • Once you are on the portal, select "Events"
  • Click on the webinar you want to register for
  • Follow the registration process
  • Select "Register Now" (it may take a moment to load)
  • You will see a screen indicating the registration was successful and you will receive an email confirmation 
  • You can also use the calendar icon in the top right to add the event to your calendar. Please note, depending on your calendar and time zone settings it may not have the right time. The time is included in the calendar description. Please confirm your time settings are correct.
  • All done! We will send more information on how to join the webinar closer to the event.

Changes to the NPTE

Over the past year, FSBPT has been working diligently to continue to update and improve many aspects of the National Physical Therapy Examinations, from candidate registration to examination development and delivery. Some of these efforts have already been implemented, while others will take effect in 2023 and 2024. Learn more by reading this article, "2022 NPTE Updates: Research, Innovation, and Practice Analysis Updates," and watching our recent webinar, "The When, How, and Why of the 2024 NPTE Redesign." You can also find the new content outlines on the FSBPT website.

Opportunity to Participate in the 2023 NPTE PT Standard Review Task Force

Apply Online (Deadline: MARCH 23, 2023)

If you are willing to volunteer, complete this brief survey. Additionally, if you have PT colleagues who would be interested in this type of work, please share this information with them. Plan to allow 10-15 minutes to complete and submit. Please ensure your up-to-date curriculum vitae (CV) or resumé is ready to upload (or email to volunteer@fsbpt.org).

In 2022, the FSBPT completed its latest analysis of the skills and knowledge needed by entry-level physical therapists (PTs) and physical therapist assistants (PTAs) to practice safely and effectively. From this practice analysis, FSBPT developed new content outlines for the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE). These updated content outlines are currently being used to develop new forms for the 2024 PT and PTA examinations. The next step will be for a diverse panel of experts to review the passing standard and make any recommendations for revision to FSBPT’s Board of Directors. If approved, these will become the new passing scores for the PT and PTA exams beginning January 2024.

2023 Standard Review Task Forces
FSBPT will convene two task forces to participate in standard review workshops. The workshop for the PTA exam will be held June 2–4, 2023, and the workshop for the PT exam will be held July 7–9, 2023. Each task force will consist of twelve to fifteen members. Participants are selected to be representative of the profession in terms of practice setting, area of expertise, geographic location, and other demographics. The standard review process will be facilitated by an external expert in setting standards for high-stakes tests. Both workshops will be held in Alexandria, Virginia.

PT Task Force Criteria
Members of the PT Task Force must be licensed PTs in good standing with their jurisdictional board(s).

FSBPT will cover all travel costs, including airfare/transportation, lodging, meals, and incidentals.

Selection Timelines
FSBPT will only contact you if you have been selected. FSBPT will finalize the selection of task force members and notify nominees by the end of March.

If you have questions about the standard setting workshops, please contact clettvin@fsbpt.org and indicate “Standard Review inquiry” in the subject line. 

ACAPT Clinical Reasoning Symposium

Teaching and learning clinical reasoning is complex. Through a new American Council of Academic Physical Therapy (ACAPT) clinical reasoning symposium, you and your colleagues, who are faculty and clinical educators, can deepen your understanding and further develop your strategies to bridge the gap across academic and clinical learning environments. 
Gail Jensen and Joseph Rencic will be the keynote speakers at this engaging and interactive two-day event, held April 14-15, 2023, in Phoenix, Arizona. See the full agenda and register at Forging ahead: The future of clinical reasoning.

Please forward this information to your colleagues who are in the following roles:

  • Academic and clinical faculty
  • Site coordinators of clinical education (SCCEs) 
  • Clinical instructors
  • Directors of clinical education (DCEs) - including assistant/associate DCEs
  • Residency & fellowship directors
  • Mentors

This Quarter's Question: How Does FSBPT Increase Fairness and Reduce Bias on the NPTE?

FSBPT uses multiple approaches to ensure the NPTE remains a fair and equitable tool to promote public protection. This FSBPT Forum article, "A Collective Approach to Increasing Fairness and Reducing Bias on the NPTE," is based on a 2021 webinar presented by Lorin Mueller, Colleen Lettvin, Ashley Ray, Jenny Lapnawan, and Joanne Wagner.

What Students Need to Know: The NPTE in (about) Sixty Seconds

The NPTE in (about) Sixty Seconds is a series of videos that addresses some of the most common questions that candidates ask the FSBPT Exam Services team. While the videos are not intended to replace the NPTE Candidate Handbook, they may help your students find the answer they are looking for in just about one minute! FSBPT will continue to add new videos to the collection regularly.

Get Involved: Learn, Grow, Write—Be an NPTE Item Writer!

Item writing for the NPTE is a great way to gain expertise in crafting multiple-choice questions, share your knowledge of the profession, work with and learn from colleagues, and have fun! We have several workshops planned for 2023:


  • August 11-13, Alexandria, Virginia, Hybrid


  • April 22-23, University of San Francisco, Mission Bay
  • June 9-10, University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM), Hybrid  

If you or someone you know would like to participate in an Item Writing Workshop, learn more and apply or send an inquiry to volunteer@fsbpt.org.

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