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Additional Questions

What services are available online?

The following services are available at

  • Register for examinations
  • Check the status of your registration
  • Update your profile
  • Add a payment to a requested service
  • Apply for a score transfer
  • Contact information for Licensing Authorities
  • Listing of school codes

Whom should I call if I have additional questions about the NPTE Program?

You may call FSBPT at 703-739-9420 to obtain general information about the NPTE program, the status of your registration, “Authorization to Test” letter, or the score report that is transmitted to your jurisdiction licensing authority. 

Can I make comments on the examination?

If you wish to provide comments on the examination, you may do so by mail or e-mail. The Examination Development Committee (EDC) reviews these comments for consideration in future examination development. However, submission of comments will not alter your examination score.
By e-mail:

By mail:
Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy
124 West Street South, Third Floor
Alexandria, VA 22314 

Is there a way to appeal a policy related to the National Physical Therapy Examination? 

The FSBPT Board of Directors routinely reviews the policies that govern the development and administration of the National Physical Therapy Examination. These policies are then shared with the licensing authority for each U.S. jurisdiction. Careful consideration is given when developing policies to ensure that they are in line with the Federation’s mission of public protection.

If you wish to appeal a specific policy related to the National Physical Therapy Examination, the first step is to discuss the issue with a Federation staff person. The staff may be able to provide a better understanding of the policy and explain how the policy relates to the Federation’s mission. If you still choose to appeal a policy, you will need to submit a request in writing to the FSBPT Board of Directors. Requests for appeals must be submitted by the candidate within 60 days of his/her most recent examination. The request must include the rationale for the exception to the policy and any steps already taken to resolve this problem with FSBPT staff.

When reviewing appeals, the FSBPT Board of Directors will consider what effect granting the appeal would have on other candidates, the role of the examination in providing a measure of minimal entry-level competence, the security of the NPTE, and any impact the decision might create for the jurisdiction in which the candidate is applying or any other jurisdiction. Candidate appeals will be responded to in writing by the President of the FSBPT Board of Directors within 60 days.

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