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Additional Services

Any fees noted below are subject to change without notice. Please check online at for current prices.

Score Transfer Service

The FSBPT Score Transfer Service was established to facilitate the endorsement of licenses from one jurisdiction to another. Your participation in this service is entirely voluntary. In offering this service, FSBPT makes no guarantees that any licensing authority will accept a score transfer in lieu of other jurisdiction requirements for the purposes of licensure.

Transfer of your scores on the National Physical Therapy Examination may be requested any time after taking the examination. Your scores are automatically reported to the jurisdiction licensing authority in which you are seeking licensure. There is a reporting fee only when you transfer your scores to other jurisdictions.

Transfers can be requested by going to and clicking on “Our Services.” 
The fee for this service is $90.

Performance Feedback Report

Candidates who want additional information about their score on the examination may want to purchase a detailed Performance Feedback Report (PFR) from FSBPT. The PFR is a descriptive diagnostic score report available to all PT and PTA candidates.

The PFR includes details about your examination score, broken out by each Content Area and Body System. For each Content Area or Body System, the PFR will include the scale score for that section, a score range describing how an examinee might be expected to do on a different form, the raw score and percentage correct, and a raw score and percentage correct needed to get a scale score of 600 in each Content Area or Body System (note that a candidate cannot pass or fail an individual Content Area or Body System). The PFR also includes raw scores by section, so a candidate can see whether he or she did poorly at the beginning or end of the examination. The PFRs include additional example items with answers and rationales, and a copy of the Content Outline.

Reports can be requested by going to and clicking “Our Services.”  The fee for this service is $100.00.

Examination Score Verification

You may request verification of your examination score by going to and clicking "Our Services.” The fee for this service is $150.00. Requests will be processed by FSBPT within 5 days of receipt. In deciding whether to have your score verified, please consider that examinations are scored electronically with a high degree of accuracy. It is therefore highly unlikely that verification will alter your original score.

Online PEAT (Practice Exam and Assessment Tool)

The Online PEAT (Practice Exam and Assessment Tool) is as similar to the real NPTE as possible so that you will be able to identify your strengths and potential pitfall areas. FSBPT's Online PEAT offers:

  • The same format and type of questions as the actual NPTE
  • Immediate and automatic scoring for your online practice examination
  • A detailed performance report by content area and system
  • Explanations and rationales behind correct answers
  • References to help you increase your knowledge

You can have access to Online PEAT for 60 days when you have paid the $99.00 access fee. If you decide you need additional time, you can extend your access period one time for 15 days by paying an additional $50.00. The extension must be requested within 30 days of the expiration of your 60-day access period.

To order Online PEAT, please go to and click “Our Services.”

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