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Retaking the Examination

How do I register to take the NPTE again?

If a retake is necessary due to failure on an examination, you must register with a jurisdiction licensing authority following the steps indicated in the section of this book entitled, "Arranging to Take the NPTE."

How often can I take the examination?

Retake policies vary by jurisdiction. However, FSBPT will only allow you to take the examination a maximum of three times in any 12-month period.

Two additional eligibility requirements will be in effect beginning with the January 2016 NPTE administrations.   
  1. Lifetime limit – candidates will be able to take the examination a maximum of six (6) times.  An individual can take the NPTE for PTs six times and also take the NPTE for PTAs six times if he or she is otherwise qualified to do so.
  2. Low score limit – candidates who receive two (2) very low scores on the exam will not be allowed to test again.  A very low score is defined as performing at or close to chance level (scale scores 400 and below).

Do I need to wait a specified period of time between examinations?

Candidates must wait until the next available scheduled test date.

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