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Faculty Newsletter: Second Quarter 2021

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2021 NPTE Workshop for Educators

FSBPT will be hosting a virtual Educators Workshop October 1-3, 2021. The workshop will include access to on-demand presentations and materials a few weeks prior to the workshop, live Q&As and group discussions during the event weekend, and one-on-one sessions with our Item Writing Trainers and other staff during and after the event weekend.
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2021 FSBPT Webinar Series

The 2021 Webinar Series includes many upcoming webinars of interest to educators:

Register for upcoming webinars and watch previous webinars by creating an account or logging into the FSBPT Webinar Series platform. Once on the platform, click on “Full Schedule” in the left menu. You will see a list of upcoming webinars. Click "ADD" on the webinar(s) you'd like to attend. These webinars will be added to your schedule and you will receive notifications and information on how to join.

Additionally, we are accepting presentation ideas and proposals. If you have a topic of interest but you do not have suggested speakers or an official proposal, please share the topic with us. We welcome ideas!

2020 Textbook Survey Data

In the summer of 2020, FSBPT compiled and analyzed data on textbook use by physical therapist (PT) and physical therapist assistant (PTA) students in education programs in the United States. We gathered a list of textbooks for the 2019–2020 academic year from the sixty PT and seventy PTA programs that responded to the survey. The survey report includes data for programs, listed by institution type and educational requirements. The results also include a list of all titles reported by the PT and PTA programs that participated in the survey.

FSBPT and the Examination Development Committee (EDC) use this information to help select appropriate references for the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE). However, this list is not exhaustive. In general, we try to use the most current sources possible. When a new version of a textbook becomes available, we will use that. We also work with the EDC to identify references that are older, but still considered the most current resource for a particular topic.

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This Quarter's Question: How Can I Find out if My Jurisdiction Uses the Alternate Approval Pathway?

The Alternate Approval Pathway (AAP) for the NPTE allows exam candidates who are graduates of CAPTE-accredited programs to be approved to sit for the NPTE by the FSBPT. Candidates register for the exam using the online system and select the state where they are seeking licensure. FSBPT then makes candidates eligible to sit for the NPTE provided that they meet all FSBPT eligibility requirements. After the examination is completed, FSBPT reports candidate scores to their intended licensure state.

For those states that have opted into AAP, FSBPT handles the processing of all requests for testing accommodations, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, which ensures a fair and consistent review process among all AAP jurisdictions.

You can find out if your state has opted into the AAP by viewing the AAP map.

What Students Need to Know: Testing Windows for 2021 NPTE Administrations

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, FSBPT will continue to add testing windows to the scheduled NPTE fixed-date administrations in July and October.

All NPTE exams will take place as scheduled on the established fixed dates. We will continue to work with Prometric to reserve as many seats as possible on these dates for FSBPT candidates. However, some Prometric sites will continue to operate at reduced capacity and some test centers may not be open depending on the status of the outbreak in different locations. In order to help candidates who are unable to find a seat on the fixed test dates, FSBPT has added two-week testing windows to all 2021 exam administrations.

FSBPT will continue to post up-to-date information to the COVID-19 page on our website.


Get Involved: Learn, Grow, Write—Be an NPTE Item Writer!

Item writing for the NPTE is a great way to gain expertise in crafting multiple-choice questions, share your knowledge of the profession, work with and learn from colleagues, and have fun! FSBPT is currently holding Basic Item Writing Workshops virtually due to COVID-19. Participants produce seven items during the workshop followed by an additional thirty-three items over three to four months following the workshop.

We will hold one more 2021 Basic Item Writing Workshops from Friday, August 13, to Sunday, August 15, 2021.

If you or someone you know would like to be a participant in an Item Writing Workshop, apply online or send an inquiry to volunteer@fsbpt.org.

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